Monday, November 30, 2009

Dance Scenes

I wasted HOURS this evening watching dance scenes from movies. I'm sick, so I've just been mostly on my bed with the lap-top watching dance scene after dance scene. I watched scenes from Singing in the Rain, to West Side Story, to Can't Buy Me Love, to all those cheesy dance movies and so on. However, there were a few dances that I didn't come across on the lists I used. What about this one? Or how about this, which I'm not really familiar with, but I'm kind of surprised I didn't come across any clips from Swing Kids? Perhaps you know of a better scene in it. And, what about this one? Okay, it's not all that great, but one of the dance scenes I watched earlier made me think of it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Something that Annoys Me About Me

I think the most annoying thing to me about myself is not living according to how I believe I should be living. When I don't take care of certain things that I believe I ought to take care of one day, I often wake up the next morning pretty irritated at myself. This sometimes affects the way I treat others, which makes it even worse. The really annoying thing is that I am in control of my own actions, so there is no reason for me not to get done the things I know I should be doing each day. I show a lack of integrity to myself - no wonder it puts me out of sorts!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Founding Fathers,

First off, I just want to say thank you so much for all of your efforts to set up a one-of-a-kind nation run by the people. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for your debates. Thank you for your research. Thank you for not all feeling the same way about how to establish and run a great nation. Thank you for compromising. Thank you for trying (and succeeding) to do something great.

I have a few questions for you. How do you feel about what has become of what you set up? How do you feel about taxation in the United States of America today? Would you stand for it? Do you think they are worth it? How do you feel about the direction we are headed? Do you think Europe is a good model for us? Do you think it's good that the government plays such a heavy role in affairs today?

I am sorry that most of us do not study what you did for us. I am sorry that many of us seem to have forgotten the republic part of our government. I am sorry that we do not learn the Constitution and take certain rights for granted that are nowhere to be found therein. I am sorry that we forget that it is our Constitution and founding ideals that allow us to continue to direct the destiny of our country. And I am sorry that many have forgotten that we are a Christian nation.

Once again, thank you.



Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nick Knocking

Australian (maybe it's called that in other countries - I don't know) for "doorbell-ditching." I recommend looking it up on Wikipedia. They have some interesting game variations of this listed, along with what nick knocking is called in other countries.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Books and a Movie

I have not seen New Moon yet. However, you already know that I have read the book. I am waiting for my little sister to tell me if I want to see it or not. I'm hoping she says that I do, and then I will go and watch it sometime, I think. Anyway, although I have not seen the movie adaptation yet, I have read Eric D. Snyder's "rejected screenplay" for it. He has a great one for Twilight as well.

Speaking of books, I just finished reading The Actor and the Housewife, by Shannon Hale. Don't do it!! I started it, and it was lame, but I wanted to finish anyway. So I read it to the end. I did because, like Twilight (although it is so not like Twilight - I probably shouldn't compare) it contains one of those silly girl fantasies in it. Uggh! Anyway, I say stay away. You won't be missing anything. Just because I am ridiculous and just because I have to admit that part of me did like it (against my better judgement), doesn't mean that you have to be.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Current Events

So, I guess now I really lost Nablopomo because I didn't post last night - oops! I went to bed way too late, so I guess I just forgot or didn't have the capacity to think clearly or something. This morning I woke up feeling pretty icky, and I seriously considered staying home from work. I went and made it through the day, though. My students were so cool, too - the counselor was also sick today. I told my kids that we weren't feeling well, and I asked them to keep things mellow - and they did! It doesn't work all the time, but as long as you don't overuse it, they will respond favorably to such requests sometimes. Maybe they were just all tired today, too. Whatever it was, I'm glad it was a mellow day.

The suggestion next on the list for posts is a current event. I think that foremost in my mind, currently, is one of those hot topics - the health care bill. I think that most of you are on my side with this one, but there may be a few exceptions. Instead of going into all of that, though, I'd like to focus on one part of this bill and many other current legislation issues that have passed or are in the works. One glaring problem I see with a lot that has been going on under the current administration (I'm not saying it hasn't gone on with past ones, but you've got to admit that this one seems to be taking the cake) is the monetary cost associated with everything. We are in a recession/depression/you-pick-what-you-want-to-call-it. I am familiar with the business adage that you have to spend money to make money, but aren't we taking things a bit far? Our country already has an enormous debt - a debt I don't think we even comprehend. Why are we making it worse and worse? The "We're increasing our debt to lower our debt" thing isn't flying with me. I prefer the more conservative thought that if you can't afford it, don't buy it. Not to say that I'm great at following that in my personal life - I don't want to be more of a hypocrite than I already am - but I REALLY DON'T LIKE the amount of money we're spending to "decrease" our national debt and pull us out of a recession. Aren't we in a recession because individually we have been spending more money than we actually have in our pockets for a number of years, and it's finally caught up with us? And so now we're promoting a government that's doing the same thing with our entire country?? I don't get it. And I don't agree with it. And I'm not going to be happy with the consequences that are going to come from it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Right now I am listening to one of those people who is so enthusiastic about life. Aren't those people amazing? How do they become like that? Do you think they are born that way, or do they develop that enthusiasm? Can anyone be like that? How can I do that? Maybe it's good that not everyone is like that because it's a little tiring - in fact, how do those people not drain themselves? It is also kind of exciting, though, to be someone like me, who is not like that because it's really amusing to observe such a person sometimes. I just think about it the whole time I listen to such people.

Friday, November 20, 2009

What's the Matter with Kid's These Days

Buffalo, buffalo! Sorry, inside joke. The latter half of this week I have found out that several of my students were involved in marijuana-related activities and that another student is having problems that may possibly be related to sex. These are teenagers!! Okay, maybe you think, "Duh!" I know, but it doesn't stop me from being appalled and saddened and a bit beside myself. I love my kids. I love them! I don't want them to do stupid things that can really impact their lives for the worse. And the sad thing is, I don't think they realize that the things they are doing now will impact them later. I told my roommate that maybe my colleagues and I need to lock them up (one room for the girls, one room for the boys) until they mature and can make sane decisions. Since I can't do that, I guess I just need to try to e the best example to them that I can be.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rooms and Millions

Even thought I've lost Nablopomo, I am still pressing on and writing the rest of the month. I can't get into my idea list right now, but I think I had better write now - no more repeats of last night, I'm hoping. I have two thoughts right now:

1) Don't you love it when you actually have an evening at home? My room is so messy that it's gotten to the point that it's usually on my mind, regardless of what else is going on. I think it's always there - at least in the back, even if pushed out of the way while I take care of various other things. On my way home from work, I had hopeful, though not very confident, thoughts that I would come home and spend a little time areglando things before I had an appointment tonight. Thankfully, the appointment ended up being rescheduled, and I found myself with an evening at home. I've been in my pajamas for hours - *sigh! More importantly, I actually worked on my room. Don't think it's actually clean and orderly yet - it's far from it, but I spent quite a bit of time listening to/watching music videos and working on my room. Some of my floor is actually visible, and I have hopes that this Saturday will be fruitful, as well.

2) Speaking of music videos, I chose a playlist that came up under "upbeat songs," and one of the videos that came on was this one. As soon as it came on, I was taken to a movie that I haven't seen; however, I have seen the clip with the song. Remember? Anyway, post-cleaning tonight, I have been listening to it over and over - I think there's something wrong with my hormonal levels at the moment, given my song fixations lately. I even almost cried with it. Haha! I tried to purchase it on Itunes, but it is one of those songs that is not available on Itunes - what??!!! I hate it when that happens. I guess it saved me a dollar, right? I could have bought the Karaoke version, but that would just be lame and so not worth a dollar. I looked him up on Wikipedia and found out his ethnicity, the reason he wrote the song, etc. Hmmm . . . maybe I should have spent more time cleaning my room.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Three Strikes

At this very moment I am rather misty-eyed over the fact that I have not reached even one of my three November goals. I knew that the first two were failures, but I thought I could handle this one - and then I got home late tonight, and the internet wouldn't work until 12:04. I think this blog thing might still show me as posting on Wednesday, because I think it's an hour behind me, but it's technically Thursday, and I have therefore lost. How aggravating is that. Even when you're really trying, you sometimes fail. Sorry for the lame post, but I'm kind of upset at the moment. If you want something quirky to lighten the mood (although I can't promise you're going to like it - it's pretty strange) go here. My brother showed me this earlier tonight.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

77 Item Bucket List

I used this website to write this VERY LONG bucket list. I don't expect you to read my whole list. Maybe I will cut it down to something realistic someday, but I'm not sure if bucket lists are supposed to be realistic.

1. Write a screenplay.
2. Write a novel as good as Jane Eyre and get it published.
3. Visit every continent (except Antarctica - I'm okay skipping that one).
4. Ride a gondola.
5. Visit the Louvre.
6. Visit all 50 states.
7. Learn how to ride a horse.
8. Learn to fence.
9. Get to my ideal weight.
10. Learn to figure skate.
11. Learn the Romantic languages, as well as Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili, Mandarin, and Sign Language.
12. Learn to play the guitar.
13. Learn to play the drums.
14. Compose a song.
15. Take voice lessons.
16. Learn to dance better (i.e. Salsa and Ballroom).
17. See Les Miserables.
18. See Swan Lake.
19. Attend an opera.
20. Pet a dolphin.
21. Visit Victoria Falls.
22. Visit P.E.I.
23. See The David.
24. Visit the Basilica di San Marco.
25. Visit St. Peter's Basilica.
26. Visit the Acropolis.
27. Visit the Alhambra.
28. Visit the Statues of Easter Island.
29. Visit the Hagia Sophia.
30. Visit Jerusalem.
31. Visit the Pyramids of Giza.
32. Visit Stonehenge.
33. Visit El Prado.
34. Visit Washington, D.C.
35. Go to Disney World.
36. See Mount Rushmore.
37. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
38. Learn astronomy.
39. Maintain a successful vegetable garden.
40. Maintain a successful flower garden.
41. Learn to make divinity.
42. Learn to sew.
43. Learn to scrapbook.
44. Learn to embroider.
45. Read Dracula, Wuthering Heights, Pilgrim's Progress, The Count of Monte Cristo, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia.
46. Read every Newbery Award novel.
47. Develop charity.
48. Be without pride (as close to it as I can get).
49. Earn a Masters or Doctorate degree (or both).
50. Meet the president of the United States (which really means, be an involved citizen to the extent that I could end up at something with the president)
51. Work publicly for a moral/political cause.
52. Make loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.
53. Make a movie (just my own - it doesn't have to be out there).
54. Write a play.
55. Win Nanowrimo.
56. Be an extra in a movie.
57. Stick to a budget.
58. Have a year's supply of food and necessities.
59. Watch my movie list (which I haven't written yet, and I'm getting bored and not going to write it out now).
60. Have a boyfriend.
61. Get married in the temple.
62. Raise children.
63. Make my home a harbor.
64. Learn to keep my room clean.
65. Put a video on Youtube.
66. Go on safari.
67. Ride a camel.
68. Live in the country.
69. Live by the ocean.
70. Consistently meditate.
71. Exercise regularly.
72. Attend a show on Broadway.
73. Visit the Olympics.
74. Attend a curling match.
75. Ride on a Zamboni.
76. Have a personal library.
77. Have a personal library of family history.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Work Story

So, a few of the students at my school give orientation tours to new students. Because of the structure of the school I work at, we get new students all throughout the school year. Part of the orientation consists of the new students being brought through the two classrooms. Somehow, (I don't remember if I started it or if it was This One Student) This One Student started introducing students to my classroom and me something like this:

"This is Jamie's classroom. She is the queen, and this [and he pauses] is her kingdom." There are a few other things he sometimes says, but that's the main part. I kind of like it.

Today, one of my other students was giving her first orientation, and I was very gratified when she did the same sort of thing. I hope that doesn't mean that I have a huge ego, I just think it's kind of funny, and the kids kind of enjoy it, too, I think. I was supposed to knight one of the boys a long time ago, but we're still waiting on the counselor to bring us a plastic sword . . .

Unrequited Love Songs

I spent a few bucks downloading songs to sympathize with me when I'm feeling down about guys. These are the songs I downloaded:

1. The Man Who Can't Be Moved (The Script)
2. Catch the Wind (Donovan)
3. I Don't Want to Let You Go (Weezer)
4. You Belong with Me (Taylor Swift)

Anymore that I should have?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Really Bad Poem

Napped for too long today,
Time to go to sleep.
Napped for too long today,
Think I'll have to count a lot of sheep.

Napped for too long today,
It felt so good.
Napped for too long today,
Longer than I really should.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crack Yourself Up

That's what the next blog suggestion is - but what does that mean? I'm not quite sure how to do that on my blog. If I did know, it would probably be a lot more interesting. As it is, today has been one of those quiet, melancholy ones for me. Not that there wasn't anything to do. I spent many hours helping a roommate prepare food for her birthday party that was this evening. While chopping food or running errands, one has time to think, so I guess that's kind of what I did. And I missed having one of my kindred spirits around to talk to. If they were around in my life all the time, however, I probably wouldn't appreciate them nearly as much as I do, so it's probably a good thing that there are dry spells sometimes. I am sending out affectionate thoughts to those special friends tonight.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Embarrassing Moments

That's today's topic. I have so many - which should I share? The one that I usually tell people about occurred during my college years. There was a boy I was in love with. I really wanted to ask him to the girl's choice dance, but I didn't want him to feel like he had to go with me, so I debated asking him for a long time. It irritated my roommate so much that I just wouldn't ask him out that she even swore at me. Anyway, I finally asked him, and he didn't respond. He couldn't respond the moment I asked him because I did one of those silly creative invitations, so I wasn't even there. However, he didn't get back to me, and he didn't get back to me, and he didn't . . . I think one of my roommates finally suggested that he let me know his answer and he responded that the fact that he hadn't answered yet showed that he obviously would go with me, or he would have let me know sooner. Anyway, he responded creatively, pretty close to the dance. My roommate and I planned it all out. We doubled.

I was so excited to go with said boy to the dance. I really liked him. When we got to the dance, we found a table to sit at. It was pretty close to one of the refreshment tables, so close that I couldn't pull my chair out very far. When I sat down, the fabric from my pants caught the table-cloth and pulled it. The drinks on the table flew towards me (and my roommate, too, I think), and spilled all over me - the horror! I think I actually took it pretty calmly. The boys ran and got napkins pretty quickly. My date offered to wait to dance until the wet spots were gone. I remember thinking, "It doesn't matter. The only person I care about seeing me like this has already seen me." Anyway, like I said before, I don't think I really felt too embarrassed, but it could have been quite devastating, given how I felt about him and given my agony in getting up the nerve to ask him out.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fashion Obsession

That is the topic suggested next in my line-up. Too bad I don't have one. Well, maybe that's a good thing. I was looking through a photo album on Facebook last night (?), and I discovered that the girlfriend of an adopted brother of mine has the largest shoe obsession ever. I don't believe I have ever met someone who owns anywhere near as many shoes as she does. I think she commented that she thinks she owns around 250 pairs!! There were some pictures in this album of all of her shoes. It was amazing. Or something.

These are some things that I have been obsessed with over the years:

Blue eyes
Height (in guys)
3 particular boys
Oh! Silly Jamie - Twilight, of course (shameful, but I've blogged about it plenty before, so it's not like it's a secret here)

What about you?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

What a great day - I spent awhile cleaning my room (you wouldn't be able to tell, though. It's not clean yet, and I've still got a long way to go. More accurate would probably be "organizing my closet."), visiting with a great-uncle and great-aunt, getting a massage (heavenly!), watching part of a war movie until it stopped working, etc. However, there is a reason that today was a holiday, and that is what I wish to address. Actually, I mostly want to thank my grandpa. He was a pilot in the Pacific theater of World War II. I don't know much about his service, but he has told me a few things, and I can't imagine what it would feel like to be in the middle of a war. Nor do I ever care to find out how that feels. I'm so thankful to my grandpa and many, many other men, as well as women, who have served in the military to help protect and preserve freedom. Thank you, Grandpa!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Graveyard Book

I read The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman, over the summer, and I don't think I ever reviewed it, which is quite neglectful on my part. My youngest brother actually read the first part of it while I was driving some of the family up to Utah. I really liked the book, so much so that I had to finish it on my own before the rest of the family returned home earlier than I (with the book). I'm not super familiar with Gaiman, but my brother likes him. He wrote Stardust, of which you may have seen the movie adaptation. He also wrote this great poem.
Anyway, about the book. It won the Newbery Award, as you can see, and I know why. It's great! It is a rather dark tale, which is not surprising from the title or cover. The book is about a boy who is raised by ghosts in a graveyard. As my brother says (and he knows better than I do), it is obvious that Gaiman is familiar with much folklore and legend. If you're in to that kind of thing, you will love this book! It's a young reader book, so it doesn't take long to read. It's pretty fascinating with many characters who have their own stories. I have to admit that part of it was almost too twisted for me, but I still love the story, and I'm so glad my little bro shared it with me. By the way, it's a great story to have read to you, too; I don't think all stories work that way.
Disclaimer: if you decide you want to try out Gaiman, his children's books are the safest place to go. My brother says his adult books are very "adult" in content, so be careful.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I almost forgot to blog again - I'm going to have to do better at remembering or I might lose this year. Guess what happened to my roommates and me tonight? Whether you want to know or not, I will tell you. One of my roommates was trying to do laundry when she noticed water coming out from beneath the washing machine - oops! I had an experience with a washing machine once-upon-a-time that led me get on top of the washer, so I could look at the drain hose behind it. Well, that wasn't the problem. The girls and I ended up pulling the washer out far enough that one of them could get behind it, which was quite brave, seeing as how the floor beneath where the washer normally is was filthy. Another roommate and I tipped the washer forward while she examined the bottom of the washer. After three of us had examined it, we determined where the leak is, or at least where the water is coming out at. That didn't really do us much good, seeing as how we don't know how to fix it. Close to two full rolls of paper towels later, I am in my room, getting ready for bed much later than I wanted to be. But, at least the floor should be pretty clean now, right? To try to keep as much water from the floor as possible, my roommate removed the wet clothes from the washer. Then I got a hose, and she tried to get a suction thing going, but that didn't work. I ended up scooping out about as much water as I could with a cup. Fun times!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

10 Year Reunion

This weekend was my 10 year high school reunion - I'm old! I wasn't sure if I wanted to attend or not because it meant the annoying drive, it was more money than I wanted to pay, and I was only going to make it to one of three days of events. In the end, I decided to go for two reasons: 1) I didn't want to regret NOT going, down the road, and 2) I didn't want to bail on one of my friends, whose twin sister told him that he WAS going, I believe.
Well, the drive wasn't as bad as it might have been because my little brother went home with me. The event did cost more than I wanted to pay, but I guess that's how it goes. I am glad, however, that I went, even though it was for only one event. I went to last night's dinner at a local casino. My friend had told me that there were many people who were supposed to be attending, and I wasn't too disappointed. I got to see several old friends/acquaintances and say hello to them. One of my very best high school friends, who I haven't been in touch with for years, was there, and it was really nice to catch up with her. She's the only girl in the few pictures I took. There were several people who I wish had attended that didn't, like my other high school best friends, the valedictorian, and others. However, it was fun to catch up with the people I did. It brought back some memories, and makes me a little melancholy for the old days, not that I would necessarily go back - one just misses the good times of yore.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today's topic suggestion was something I have created - um, I don't really do much of that, so I decided to put this picture up. Then I remembered that I put this picture up before. I guess I'm repeating, but I created some of these pies for last year's Pi Day. I think I made three. You will also notice some red balls in the upper-left side of the picture. They may or may not be mine. My roommate made most of them, but I think I helped make a few for Chinese New Year. I'm not much of a "project" girl, so that's what I've got.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Contest Giveaway

Rules: Answer the following trivia questions, and I will send you a prize. Question: How can bats hang upside down on a wall and sleep without falling off the wall? Do they need to be upside down or could they sleep right-side up? If they do have to be upside down, why do they have to be upside down? The prize will be determined when you fulfill the requirement to win. At that point I will contact you and we will discuss what I send/give to you. I'm sorry this is not very thought-out, but I just realized I hadn't posted yet, and I'm about out of time. Good night!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Good Stuff


Chicken (cubed)
Onion (sliced)
Carrots (sliced)
Potatoes (cut up however you want them)
Cheese (grated)
Seasoning Salt


1. Fry the bacon until it's pretty crispy. Set it aside.
2. Pour some of the bacon grease into a large pot.
3. Cook the chicken in the bacon grease (Mmmmm!)
4. When the chicken is cooked, add layers of the onion, carrots and potatoes. Sprinkle the salt, pepper, and seasoning salt onto each layer.
5. Add about a cup of water to the pot, cover the pot, and let it cook for 20 min. or until the potatoes and carrots are soft.
6. While the food is cooking, tear the bacon into bits.
7. Cover the top of the meal with cheese.
8. Sprinkle bacon on top of the cheese.
9. Eat it! It's good!

*This recipe comes from a former roommate of mine. Its name is very appropriate, and I have seen many happy people upon consumption of The Good Stuff.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Favorite Photo

I know I have posted this photo before, but I love it. The prompt I looked at suggested posting a great photo I have taken. I don't know if this is great as far as the art of photography goes, but this is such a happy picture! I mean, look at that expression. Look at those beautiful eyes and those cute bottom teeth! This is for sure one of my favorite pictures that I have taken.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The David

Today's topic is a beautiful piece of art. The David is what came to my mind first. I have never seen it in person, but it is absolutely beautiful even without being in Italy to look at it. Michelangelo was definitely blessed with a lot of talent, and I'm glad we are able to appreciate many of his art pieces today. The body truly is amazing, and I think The David captures that. What piece of art would you add to my post?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Standing Up

Tonight I did something for which I am totally ashamed. I didn't stand up to the Mormons. I have always felt, I think, that it was easier to stand up to those not of my faith because they were always so respectful of things that were "against my religion." When people who have the same beliefs as you want to do something you are not comfortable with, however, it seems a little harder to me because I don't want them to think I am self-righteous or that I think I am better than them, etc.

I am 29 years old, though, so I think I should be able to live my life the way I feel I should without giving in to peer pressure. Tonight I gave in. We didn't do anything illegal, we didn't hurt anyone. It could have be so much worse; but I could have been so much better. I feel even worse because I am a teacher; I shudder to think of any of my students finding out. Teachers are some of those people who should be above reproach, I think. I was not a good example tonight, and in not standing up and being a good example - in being passive - I acted as a bad example.

Pet Peeves

  • Not leaving the door to a room I am in the way you found it. I HATE that. If I am in a room with the door closed, that's probably the way I want it. Likewise, if I am in a room with the door opened, that it also probably the way I want it at the moment. Lately, I seem to have many opportunities to overcome this, as there is a door between my classroom and the neighbor teacher's classroom that keeps getting opened and left that way. It's not to be born, I tell you!!
  • Toilet paper roll upside down. One of my mission companions used to leave it that way, and I didn't want to be a jerk, so I decided to compliment her when she left it right side up. When I did that, she called me on it, but it all worked out okay for us from then on. (By the way, her thing was ticking clocks - she moved it/them out of our sleeping area and into the other room.)
  • Open cupboards and drawers - please close them.
  • Incorrect grammar or word-usage, like your and you're.
  • I have some more, but I will refrain.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nablopomo - Year 2

Well, friends, today begins another November of Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month) for me. You can actually participate any month, but November is when it all started, I believe, so here I go. I found a list of things to blog about from another blog (hurrah for Google!), and I think I will mostly use that for my posting prompts. I will be posting everyday this month as long as I don't forget. I am also trying Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) again. I won Nablopomo last year; I failed Nanowrimo. I'm hoping for two wins this year. Actually, I'm hoping for three wins, but the third is my own more private goal. So, wish me luck, please, especially with the third, unnamed goal - it is the most important one, and have a terrific month yourself!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mediocre Books

Do you ever start reading a book knowing that it will be mediocre at best? And then do you ever think about how it's really a waste of your time, and you could be reading/doing something so much better? If you are one of those people, do you put the book down and move on, or do you STILL WANT TO KNOW THE ENDING? Uggh! That would be my current situation, of course. Besides wasting some of my time reading a silly book, I also spent time last week visiting friends and relatives. Hurray for Fall Break! Hurray for spending it somewhere where fall actually exists and leaves change colors. I don't think I have been around changing colors for awhile. Too bad my grandmother doesn't have a big tree with lots of leaves in her yard because the one thing I didn't get to do was stomp on crunchy fallen leaves. I did have a pretty nice week, though. Any ideas for Halloween costumes?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthday #29

I just had my 29th birthday on Friday. Whoa. I guess I really am kind of old. I spent it at Disneyland, though, which is a place for the young at heart, I would say. More to come on that. I also visited relatives and family over the weekend, which was nice. My mom made my traditional birthday cake - German chocolate - which was quite yummy! Thanks, Mom. We celebrated today. Then, when I got back to my place tonight, one of my roommates had invited a few friends over, and she and one of the guys had made quite the delectable cake, as well. Thanks, Roommate! How nice to be loved by many.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

4 Things Not Meant to Be

getting to bed before 1:00 a.m. on Saturday night

having enough time to shower Sunday morning (which means triage - do I want clean skin or clean hair?)

having enough time to get ready for church (which also means triage - is my face or hair more important? So far, my face wins. Somebody tell me if that's wrong.)

getting to church on time

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Restaurant Monotony

I hung out with my BGF yesterday. Recently it seems like the only thing we do with each other is go out to eat. When I saw him yesterday, I was just dropping by his house for a short while, and I was glad that we were doing something different - even though different meant simply chatting it up at his place. After we talked about Twilight for awhile - yes, he is reading the books - he asked if I was hungry.

"Well, I could eat," I reply because I'm not feeling like I need to eat. "Are you hungry?"

He shrugs. "It would be something to do."

So we went and grabbed some chow. Uggh! Any suggestions to break the monotony?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bank Robbery / Love

My brother has been telling me about a particular music video for awhile now, and I finally watched it when Lu randomly included a link to it in an e-mail to me - was it just yesterday? I don't know, but I do know that I have watched the video LOTS of times. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Making a Garden

Warren and the tiller in the morning. We have a big day ahead of us. I think most of the day was spent tilling the hard ground, which had a lot of rocks and caliche in it.
Teaching Devin how to use the tiller.I was pretty useless - I raked while the guys did the hard work.
After tilling we spread composted mulch over the area.
Next came vegetable fertilizer.We planted most of the above items. Some are yet to be planted. Ahhh . . . happy, industrious gardeners.
Zac looking smug about his work. Before planting, he and a few other guys - wait! I actually tried a row - tilled the dirt, mulch, and fertilizer together.Warren and I planting carrots, I think. Ta-da!!! A garden.
After roughly six hours of labor, this is what we ended up with. It was a great way to spend Labor Day, and I'm totally indebted to the friends who helped make it happen. It was tiring, and some of us got pretty burnt in the process, but it was a satisfying work - an enjoyable work.
Abbie and I spotted two sprouts yesterday, and the things that were already plants haven't wilted and died yet, so cross your fingers.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cocky is Not Good

This evening is one of my rather melancholy ones. It's funny how stuck on one's self one can get - like a girl thinking she can make friends with somebody just because she wants to and thinking that she's good at making friends with people when she want to be friends with them. Haha! Life will help that girl figure out that she's not quite as right in her thinking as she wants to think she is.

Other than that, I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am so excited to have the day off. This is not going to be any normal day off, though. In fact, I rather expect to be worn out by the end. A friend is bringing a tiller and mulch, and we are hopefully making the garden - yea! I am excited to try. If I think about it, I will take pictures at various stages of the process to bore you with. I'm not sure what time he's coming, but I'm afraid that it could be earlier than I'm wanting to be up on a day off, so I'd better get to bed. Good night.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Obsession Continued (Why Don't I Learn?)

Okay, so I finally gave in and started reading Twilight again - this is reading #3, which is pretty big for me because there are very few books that I have read more than once (as in, I could probably count the number of books I've read multiple times on one hand). I don't even think I've read Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre more than once. Not only am I re-reading Twilight, but I'm also reading Midnight Sun - is that what it's called? - at the same time, and I'm pretty sure I'm around the same level of obsessed with it as I am with Twilight. If you don't know what Midnight Sun is, it is Twilight told from Edward's perspective. You might be thinking that it wouldn't be all that interesting - you already know the story - but I am really enjoying reading it from Edward's side. I'm getting to know more about where he's coming from. I think it's a good writing exercise, and I might want to keep that in mind for myself if I ever really write.

I am working on a short story, by the way. We shall see if I actually finish it. I kind of like it so far. I'm sure it needs a lot of editing, but I feel like the ideas are okay.

And now to not segue - my parents came to town this weekend. It was fun to visit with them. Here are a few pictures:

This last one's kind of crazy, but I like it! Happy September (almost)!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Look at Those Baby Blues!

3 Things to Avoid When Going Salsa Dancing

1) Going with a friend of the same gender who is thinner than you are.

2) Going with a friend of the same gender who dances better than you do.

3) Going with a friend of the same gender who is blond.

I went with a friend who fits into all three categories - silly Jamie!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Online!!

It's been over two weeks since we have had the internet. I've been using it other places, but I haven't been able to keep up like a 21st century American believes is necessary. Well, I'm back, and I'm so happy I just had to tell you!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

HP 6

Now that Lu has seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince I feel like I can write my review of the movie, only I'm tired and some of my anger has worn off, so it won't be as good or as complete as it would have been if I had written it during my shower the day after watching it. It looks like she liked it, although she has not said anything about it other than that she thought it was funny. Maybe you will join her camp - I hope you do. If you haven't watched the movie yet, YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO READ THIS ENTRY.

You see, originally I had decided that I would watch the movies before reading the books, given my nature. I always like a book after watching it's movie (except for The Scarlet Pimpernel, in which case the movie is better). I usually DO NOT like a movie if I have read the book first. Take Jane Eyre, for example. I read the book in high school and loved it enough that I say it is one of my two favorite books. The movie versions were awful - except for one, but I think that enough time had passed between reading the book and seeing that one that I wasn't so upset about changes/omissions anymore - maybe it really is an okay version, who knows? Anyway, I was afraid of over-hearing the end of the HP books, so I decided to finish them last year, which is what I did.

#6 is one of my most favorite HP books - that and #4. I have been anticipating an AMAZING movie for months now. The previews looked awesome, and I was looking forward to the best HP movie ever, I think. I was invited to a midnight screening - I have never been to one before. I decided to go. I google imaged Hermione pictures. I went shopping to several stores to try to piece together a Hogwarts costume. I bought makeup and nail polish. I drug my little bro all over the place looking for my costume and I made him tie my tie. I went to the theater.

I was disappointed. I thought the funny went overboard. I think they focused too much on the love stories and not enough on the more serious parts of the book. I was dealing with it, though. I was putting up with it - until the end, at which point I decided it was too much. They changed the plot rather extraordinarily in a bad way, I think. They left out some major stuff. I realize that they couldn't put everything into the movie, but I think they could have focused a little less on love and a little more on action. *Sigh.

There is one thing that I think they did well. I really liked what they did in regards to Malfoy. I think they nailed that part of the book and did a great job with him. That I did like.

I will probably forgive the director. I will probably like the movie soon. I already want it because I want to own them all. It was just disappointing to me in many respects, not only the ones I mentioned. That's why I think I was right to not want to read the books until seeing the movies. I know some people who have read the books and think that this movie is the best one so far, so hopefully you will agree with them and not with me. I think I must be the book Nazi that a friend of mine accused me of being.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What I've Been Doing

I got back from my three-ish week vacation a week ago, and I didn't blog much during it, so here's what's been going on:

I started my vacation by going to visit my parents and taking a week long training that I think is a step towards being able to continue to teach, if I decide to keep doing that. I was not looking forward to it, but I ended up really liking it. Not only that, but one of my classmates was a retired air force? colonel. He was the presidential helicopter pilot for Pres. Reagan!! This Republican thought that was pretty cool. While home I also tried out the Wii Fit, and I really liked it. I am even planning on purchasing it . . . I don't know how I feel about the Aerobics part of it, but I think the Yoga and Strength Training parts are pretty good. Not only that, but it's kind of fun (and sad) to watch your Mii get fat when it measures your BMI.

After my class ended, my mom, sister, brother, and I took off for Utah where we:

attended a couple of family reunions

attended the open house for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple

found a wedding dress for my sister

saw my brother and sister-in-law's cute house

I stayed for about a week longer than my family and got to hang out with several friends. I also watched a horrible Bob Hope film and a great Cary Grant film - not surprising that the Cary Grant one was good, but I didn't know that Bob Hope was crass. Besides hanging out and watching movies, I was also an awful date - perhaps I will blog about that separately sometime.

One of my former roommates gave me a ride back to Arizona. On the way we stopped in Beaver for squeaky cheese, which I love and which also made it possible for me to make real poutine!!

The day after getting back to AZ, I got to go to Wicked, as is evidenced by my previous blog. I LOVED the show!! It was great! I especially thought that Elphaba did a good job, and I think I agree with the friend that went with me - "Defying Gravity" might be my favorite part. After the show, Friend brought me the rest of the way home, and here I am now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

As Elphaba Said Tonight . . .

There's no place like home.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Theory on Why Singles Wards

For those of you who don't know, let me first explain what a ward is. The kind I am referring to is a church congregation - not part of a mental hospital. I belong to a ward that is specifically for singles between the ages of 18 and 30. Someone I know pretty well is not a fan of them. Why do we need them? he wonders. He never felt the need to leave his family ward for a singles ward.

Today I attended my parents' congregation, and I had some thoughts on why a singles ward. While sitting in the main meeting, I couldn't help but notice that everyone from much younger than me on up was married or with somebody, at least. It was kind of depressing seeing several couples that looked way younger than my age. Anti-Single's-Wards wasn't single very long, which I don't think would be a big deal, but in my situation I think I feel a lot less depressed when surrounded by peers.

On the other hand, one might argue that if we all attended normal family wards we might be a little more motivated to jump on the bandwagon and get married. Maybe the depression would lead us to desperation and we'd take the plunge . . .

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm Stealing My Roommate's Idea

She posted several old texts as she was getting rid of some. I think I will do the same (although, I don't know if I will erase them after):

Hi my favorite friend! - Natalie

Sick = not busy with girls ;) - Justin

Poo Sham Man - Dad

You guys going to fhe? Wanna carsonk? Carsonk = predictive text for carpool, Haha! - Brian

Yo. I'm home. - Abbie

Hey what happened to you? - Brady

Sorry i went to bed and thought you never responded. - Brady

And here's the draft of a text I once started to a roommate. I don't know what I was trying to write, but I can't erase this draft because of what it says:

Are you congressional

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Long Work Day

The graduation ceremony for my high school was Thursday evening. Each year I go through various emotions throughout the ceremony, and I usually feel myself edging towards panic. So far I have been blessed to not actually go into a full-blown panic. This year, I stood and thought about the things I have failed at this year. After awhile I decided that it's probably too late to fix those things and that I need to forgive myself and do better next year.

One of my students spoke at the graduation, and I was kind of surprised when I found myself crying when she thanked me in her speech - I don't recall if I've done that in previous years or not. I had already heard her speech - she practiced it for the case manager and me - so I don't know why it got to me so much that night, but it did. I care about my students, but I don't usually care too much when they leave - I'm glad they graduate and hope life goes well for them, and that's pretty much it, so it was interesting to feel a little more connected to things, I guess.

The principal gave us Friday off, due to graduation the night before. However, I will not be at our last day of work this next week, so I went and worked by myself - for 10 hours!! How do some people do that on a regular basis??!! In fact, I took a break for about an hour to get some personal things done and to try to mellow out a little, but it was a long day. I was talking to myself a little by the end of it - don't worry, Dad, I knew who I was talking to. Anyway, my point with this story is - if you can avoid working for that many (or more) hours in a day, I definitely recommend it.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Earlier this week, my roommate and I were driving home from dinner. We are currently looking for a place to move to, so we drove down various roads on the way to see if there were places for rent that we might want to look at. We drove down a dead-end street. The end of it has a wash. Roommate and I were looking at the houses for "For Rent" signs. At some point I looked in front of me, and this is what I saw:
Scary, huh? Straight in front of me, in the wash, was a man meditating. I let out some kind of surprised exclamation about a Man meditating straight ahead, which also gave my roommate a start when she looked. It was really bizarre and creeped me out - I just wasn't expecting it. I don't know how that man decided that a wash would be a great place to meditate, but there he was, before my eyes. Roommate kind of wanted to go talk to him, but I was too scared. Not only that, but one does not wish to be interrupted when one is meditating, I think.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

White Roofs

I don't have time to research this again so I can give you the particulars, but I saw some news article this week that reported that Steven Chu, our energy secretary, has suggested that we all paint our roofs white to be more green. You can look at the following site for more details: http://

I don't know how to post the link without the whole address visible - sorry.

Anyways, although it is not something that would cause 30 million people to starve to death, it kind of makes me think of Mao. In fact, I realized the other day that I think that is what all of the hype over going "green" has made me think of. I used to think, "We go through some interesting fads in our society." However, this latest story made me think about history. General Mao asked his people to do some pretty incredible things, like melt down all of their iron, if I remember right. He asked them all to plant crops, even though not every Chinese person knew how to do that. But somehow, the people all joined in, and, tragically, they paid for it with tens of millions of lives.

I'm not saying that's what is going to happen to us if every American homeowner paints his/her roof white. I'm just saying that it's interesting how a few people can sometimes influence an entire nation to do something, and I don't think it usually ends up solving the problem. This is probably a bad correlation, and maybe I'll be really embarrassed I shared and I'll delete this, but the article kind of got me thinking . . .

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hermana!

Today was my sister's birthday - Happy Birthday!! We did not get along well growing up. In fact, I think we spent a heck of a lot of time fighting. However, something has happened over the last few years, or so, and we get along pretty well, now. I live in the same town, which is great. We generally see each other once or twice a week, and I love it! She is great! Thanks, Hermana! I hope your day was great!


A few posts back, I mentioned that a friend was moving soon. Well, he has now. Over the past year-ish we have grown fairly close. I think many of my friends would say that I am a good friend, that I'm good at being nice to people - but I don't know about that. I'm really kind of calculating when it comes to who I try to be friends with. The efforts that went into getting to know this friend, as is usually the case, really paid off, and tonight I'm feeling sad that he is gone.

He was our Austen friend, and that's how it all started. Once upon a time, he called for some reason (it was before we were really friends, so I can't really recall why he was calling, other than that I think I texted him - calculating, I tell you - about something). He found out we were watching a little Austen that night, he came, and a weekly Austen Night developed. This was a great tradition because it only involved a few of us - smaller groups make for an easier time in getting to know and be comfortable with people. We also had him over for Sunday dinner often. We discovered that no matter how a party was going, as long as he showed up, it would be a success because of who he is.

Over the past few months, or so, I would say that the friendship became a lot tighter. I think we all kind of reached a familial level. This past Tuesday evening, Austen Night, he had us over to the place he was staying. He prepared a wonderful meal for us, after which we watched North & South, which is not Austen, but it's really good, and I highly recommend it - Lu will back me up, if you don't believe me. I was so tired that evening, and the movie is 4 hours long, so I didn't feel too alert when we said good bye. I didn't worry about that much, though, as it was my understanding that we would see him Thursday evening. Well, Thursday evening didn't happen, so I don't feel like I really got to say good bye - curse me for not being rested enough to handle Tuesday night!!

I haven't been too sad about Friend's absence, but we usually see him on Sunday, so I find myself rather melancholy. I am tempted to say that working on this friendship might not have been such a good idea because we have been left behind, and I'm sad. However, he's one of those great friends who inspires you to be better than you were before, so I guess it is good we got to know him. Thanks, Friend! You are missed.

Just for Laughs

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Camp Out

This weekend we had a ward camp out. It was so much fun. My roommate and I carpooled with a couple of boys to the site, which was a pond about a half-mile behind someone's house. We got there after the sun had gone down, and the fun began. The Other Bookend Boy and I got in a canoe, Roommate and O. B. B.'s Friend got in a paddle boat and we had fun in the pond for awhile. We had delicious tinfoil dinners and cobbler that night. Later, I went canoe-ing with another boy, who I don't know very well. There is a little island in the middle of the pond with a fort on it. We rowed and chatted for awhile, after which we went to the little island. We climbed the fort and star-gazed for awhile. It was a clear night, so lots of stars were visible - enough stars, in fact, that I had a hard time picking out constellations. The only one I recognized was the Big Dipper. I saw other groupings that I thought were probably constellations, but I didn't know which ones they were. Boy and I had a nice tete-a-tete. One on one's are the best! That's when you really get to know people, you know?

Later that night, a few of the guys packed the girls up and took them to the backyard where we girls were to sleep. Roommate and I, however, stayed with the guys for awhile. Roommate had brought her banjo, and we sat by the fire and sang with the boys who were there. One of the boys had his guitar, another had his harmonica, so we had a pleasant time singing and listening to each other. When my Roommate and I finally joined the other girls, they were all asleep, which is where we were, shortly. We had been sort of annoyed that we were to sleep in someone's backyard, but it turned out to be a great thing because we slept on soft grass, instead of dirt and rocks, like some of the guys. Not only that, but in the morning, I was able wash my face, brush my teeth, and use an indoor bathroom - ah, luxuries!

When we got back to the camp, Roommate and I got on the paddle boat. A couple of guys joined us shortly thereafter, which made life kind of interesting, as the boat wasn't really made for four grown people, I think. I also thought it probably looked comical and chauvinistic, with Roommate and me pedaling, while one of the guys stood in the back like General Washington, and the other sat in front of us - I think he paddled a little, to give him some credit. It was a relaxing weekend, and I wish we would do it again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lu's Song

I mentioned a song we sang at Hootenanny - it makes me think of Lu. For all interested parties, it is called What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor, and the part that I (as well as some of the others, I think) really think of Lu during is the "Keelhaul him!" verse.

Love ya, Lu!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

What a great week!

Thursday - Hootenanny!! It was going to be the last for one of our friends (he is moving). Many very musically talented people came. The dynamics were different than they have been before - added to the normal guitar, banjo, and various percussion instruments was a saxophone, trumpet, mandolin, ukulele, triangle, and probably more things that I can't think of. Not only that, but there was a lot of great food. Apparently, to some people "hootenanny" is a German pancake, so some of the guys made those. The dinner was a potluck, so we had a lot of other great things to eat, too. (By the way, Lu, we sang your song, and I thought of you.)

Friday - Roommate and I went to the temple. Yea!

Saturday - Cleaning for the morning - yes! I haven't spent the time that I should have for awhile, so it felt really good to get some good cleaning in. Then one Roommate and I went to a friend's basketball game, which was a nice little break from all of the rest of the craziness. Not only that, but he looked kind of like a pleased school boy - good Mom prep for me, I guess. That evening I got to go to an appointment with the missionaries. As soon as things got started, I felt the Spirit and remembered how much I love to be around the missionaries because of the special spirit that is around them. When I got home that night, a Friend brought one of my Roommate's and me hamburgers. We chatted for awhile, and then the three of us went to stargaze. We didn't go out of the city, though, so it was less effective. However, it was a beautiful night, so it was still relaxing to lay on blankets and listen to the Michael Buble CD playing in my Roommate's car while staring at the sky and talking.

Sunday - I got to feed the missionaries. I didn't have much time to prep. Friend came to chaperon. He ended up doing way more than that. He took the trash out, unloaded the dishwasher, prepared most of the meal, and set the table while I worked on dessert. I'm ashamed of that, but I'm so glad he was willing to serve the missionaries and me tonight. After we fed the elders, and they had left, he did the dishes, too. Yes, ladies, he is a keeper, that's for sure. It's going to take one heck of a girl to match up to him. We had a nice tete-a-tete after cleaning up, and then he went home, which gave me the opportunity to call my mom and wish her a

I love you, Mom!
P.S. Happy Mother's Day, Grandma's, too! I love you!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pride & Prejudice

Don't you love the 5-hour Pride & Prejudice? My roommates and a couple of guys - that's right, a couple of guys - and I watched it. It had been quite awhile since I had last seen it, and I don't know if I have ever done it all in one sitting. It was great!! Loved it. I think my favorite line is still one by Charlotte Lucas on marriage. Which is yours?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lida Rose, Part II

Running is not my thing - I'm not sure if you're all aware of that or not, but I usually prefer not to do it. I tried, though. I ran with him for awhile. Finally, I told him something about not being able to keep doing it, I think, and we walked a little.

"I could run ahead and get your . . . but you don't know where to go. Tell me when you're ready to run again!"


After a brief respite, I said, "Alright."



We ran not much farther when he informed me that he was going to run ahead and get my ticket. "Just keep running - it's the building straight in front of us."

Yeah. I kept that up for a few moments and then decided to walk again. When I finally came galumphing to the theater, he was still waiting to get it, which he did, and we walked in the theater. It was a very small theater, with the floor as the stage, so I'm guessing that's why it was so important to not be late.

Once we got settled, I immediately began to fan myself with my program. "Seriously!" he says and follows suit. The play didn't start for another few minutes, so we were totally fine. The run had sort of dried out my throat, and so I was worried for awhile that I was going to have a coughing fit and have to get up and walk across the stage or climb over, or through, the bars behind us to escape. I looked at the program and told myself that I just had to make it through 13 songs, at which point it would be intermission, and I could leave to get a drink. Due to a sudden change of plans, amongst other things, I also started to feel panic threatening me. There was no way I was about to let that happen, so I took necessary measures and after a short time I got into the play and really enjoyed it.

When I got back from the restroom after intermission, he had bought me a cookie, which was nice, especially since I hadn't eaten supper that night. Once the play was over (which was pretty good, I thought), he gave me a ride to my car, during which time he brought up how lines that are quoted often in talks and things to encourage us to be good often come from more sordid moments of the productions they come from, and then he sang an entire song to me from Camelot to illustrate his point because I didn't recognize it. Oh, the irony of it all!! Something that girls dream about, and it happens to me in a situation in which it means nothing. I'm not complainging - I'll still take it - I just find certain moments in my life kind of funny. Anyway, it was a splendid night, and I'm grateful to have had such a wonderful evening.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lida Rose

Thursdays I have a New Testament class. Last Thursday was our second to last class, which means that we were in Revelation. Pres. Gardner, my teacher reviewed with us what we had learned the previous week. Then he sectioned us off into small groups to talk about a different chapter - I think it was chapter four. He said that we now knew how to figure out Revelation - uh, right? I've never studied it like it should, but it kind of strikes fear into my soul, like the word "calculus" used to. Anyway, my group was sitting there, discussing this chapter, and I was thinking about four beasts with eyes all over them. All of a sudden, Bookend Boy comes into the room and motions for me to join him in the hall. I was pretty confused, of course, but I walked out and looked at him.

"I have an extra ticket to the Music Man, which starts in eight minutes. Do you want to come?"

I just stared at him - my mind was probably trying to switch gears and understand what was going on.

"You don't have time to think! Yes, or no!"


I think he told me to go get my things, which I did. Pres. Gardner said good bye to me, and I left.

"Do you think you can run?" he asks, even before we leave the building.

"Okay, but your legs are a lot longer than mine."

And off we went.

Part II tomorrow - maybe.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Australian Football

Wow - I did something yesterday - or I guess I should say I didn't do something yesterday - that I normally do on Sunday nights; I didn't post. Whoa! I don't know if I've ever not written on a Sunday since I started posting on Sundays. Strange! My brother and sister-in-law came down to meet Emilee for the first time. It was great to see them!

Tonight we played Australian Football for Home Evening. I had initially been intimidated when I heard we were playing - Australian Football makes me think of the refs (that part's not intimidating), cleats, and blood - but it was actually a lot of fun and not brutal. I mean, I'm sure it could be, but none of us really knew what we were doing, so we were kind of on an equal-ish playing field. Also, nobody was too competitive, and the guys totally let the girls play. It was great! I highly recommend it, if you have the means.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Emilee, Mission Not Accomplished, and David Archuleta

I need to go to bed, but I also feel the need to post. I just read from the introduction to The Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery tonight that Montgomery once wrote "Only lonely people keep diaries." I suppose that's kind of true and that one feels the desire to write more when one is feeling that way.


Emilee turned three months yesterday. She is the best thing in my life right now, I feel. When I am with her or looking at pictures of her, life feels good, and lack of boys, direction, calm, etc., don't seem to matter so much. My dad commented to me last night that he hasn't seen any pictures of Emilee on here recently, so I'm adding a few tonight. I plan to post more to Facebook soon, too. Happy three months, Emilee!! I love you!

Mission NOT Accomplished!

I heard today that Chick-Fil-A was doing this special for Tax Day, so my friend and I went there for dinner, only to discover that this particular store was not participating. It was my first time there, and I liked the food, even though I didn't get a future free meal out of my visit. At any rate, that's besides the point. Friend and I talked about a date night that's coming up this Friday. One of my other friends and his posse are trying to revamp the way we singles do things. Normally, we just hang out, which Elder Oaks told us we shouldn't do. Therefore, they are setting up regular date nights - activity provided, you bring a date, kind of thing. Friday will be the second such night. I was not asked to the last one, but I don't think I would have felt very comfortable at it anyway. This one is right up my alley, however. I would really like to go. Therefore, I told Friend that I was hoping to get home in time to try to make myself look cute for tonight. You see, I had a class at church tonight, and so I thought that maybe - just maybe - if I tried to look happy and cute, I might have a tiny chance of a guy asking me. I figured this was my last chance. Friend wished me luck - I think - when he dropped me off. I dashed upstairs, ran into my apartment, and tried to cute-ify myself as much as possible in about 10 minutes. Well, I didn't get to go all out, of course, but I think I was mostly presentable. Well, friends, I failed. I am tempted to tell the boys, "Boys, you don't have to really want to date me. It would just be nice if you asked me out occasionally. You have no idea how much it can brighten a girl's day to get asked out from time to time." I mean, I probably won't do it, but I just wish they knew they could ask a friend out. Just make the normal hanging out thing a little more special every once-in-awhile.

David Archuleta

I don't think of myself as a pop supporter, but I guess I have to admit that I am. A few nights ago I heard Crush on the radio - I mean, it wasn't the first time I've heard it. In fact, I had heard it enough times to know that I liked it. Well, it started this couple of days obsession for me, and I bought it tonight and have it on repeat. Pop music is so silly and predictable, and yet it's "Pop"ular for a reason, eh? Sometimes, it just speaks to a person. "But I know this crush ain't going nowhere!" Tell me about it David! who, by the way, is a baby! You probably knew that - I did not. I thought he was probably around my age. Then, when I pulled up the song on Youtube (I wasn't committed enough to buy yet), I saw him and was surprised to see a kid the age of my students singing to me. I still like the song, though, despite it's popiness.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

This week I:

administered two tests

taught the old people Institute class

showed my class Twilight and then spent too long that night watching some of my favorite parts

did not do my taxes - ugghh!!

Looks like I know what I need to do tomorrow!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

General Conference

What a great weekend! I got to spend it watching my church's General Conference, which means I got to listen to the prophet, apostles, and several other church leaders speak. I have been praying that I would receive answers to some questions. I wrote the questions down Saturday morning. It's amazing to see how the Lord answers my questions. I didn't notice answers to all of the questions, but I certainly did to some of them, including a question I added today. I wrote down a question about a specific topic, and the talk given next was about that topic. I am so grateful to believe in a Heavenly Father who loves me and who answers my prayers.

Monday, March 30, 2009

And We Have a Winner!

Well, folks, less than 24 hours after sending out the challenge, we have a winner. Congratulations! Please send me your address, so I can send you your prize. :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dumpling Head

A prize (and that probably just means a congratulatory postcard) to the first person who can tell me why the title is associated with my hair today.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Love Triangles

It didn't come out in the colors I originially made it in, but oh well. Awww . . . that age old love triangle thing. Isn't it great? The drawing on the left is kind of frustrating, but the drawing on the right just adds a whole new dimension. I guess that dimension is probably "Wake up and move on!" Hmmm. Don't feel like you should feel too bad for me - I'm actually taking it pretty well, so far, I think.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cheer Me Up, Emilee

Spring Break 2009

For Spring Break this year I went to visit Lu. It was so much fun. I was super curious to visit Lu because she and her husband have moved to a tiny town, and I wanted to know what it is like. After having gone there I have decided that I like it! Lu and I had fun watching movies (three of them in two days - one was Mr. Magorium, and I really liked it!! Lu has fabulous taste!). We also hiked up some rocks and ate lunch in the beautiful (although somewhat warm) sunshine, and I got a shade less white - yes! We also crashed her friend's camping trip one night and ate s'mores while listening to uncles talk about things like trying to make people "crap their diggers," a phrase I don't think I have ever heard before but find hilarious. We looked at the stars. And we talked - which is what we do best when around each other, I think. We also got to visit another former roommate of mine, which was great. Thanks, Lu!! You're the best!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pi Day

Oh man! There are so many pictures I want to post because Emilee is so cute. Don't you just love these? She's getting bigger and fatter (that's allowed and welcome in babies), and she's smiling a lot more. She's even starting to try to talk, which I love.
To talk about something other than my niece, though, I will talk about Pi Day. 3.14 = March 14th, right? I was so excited that it was on a Saturday this year. Two of my roommate's and I spent the afternoon making pies, which you can see in the picture. I think it was my first time making pie, maybe. I made pecan, apple crumb, and chocolate pudding. My roommate made this really great top crust for one of the pies - she carved a Pi symbol into it. We had several friends over, and we all just ate pie and chatted. It was terrific! I was excited to hear that some of you and other who couldn't make it still ate pie in honor of the day. Not that we need an excuse to eat pie, but it just adds to the enjoyment if you're a nerdy math person, I guess.
Besides that, I have Spring Break this week, so I should have some adventures to post on next week, especially since I get to go see Lu!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Packed Weekend

This is what I did between Friday and today:

Birthday dinner at Oregano's - mmm!

City of Ember and cake

Breakfast with sister and her family

Cats in the Community service project

Stongbad - Marzipan answering machine (great!) and the Halloween costume commentary (Excellent! I highly recommend watching it if you haven't yet.)

Recess (which included Four Square and half an inning of kickball for me)

Dessert with Great Uncle and Great Aunt, et al

Swing Dancing


Dinner with Roommate and Four Boys (it felt so home-y)

Quote of the day: "It took a long time to eat it - Jamie, I have big potatoes!" by Little Brother

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I almost missed writing this week. Since it's almost tomorrow, I will just say that today was a great day because I was able to see Emilee be blessed. Here's a picture of her in her little dress:


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Full Day

It was such a full day today that I don't understand why I feel kind of sad, and yet I do. We had a stake conference this weekend. This conference was kind of special because the stake presidency was released and a new stake presidency was called. I wasn't expecting to know the new presidency, but one of the former counselors was called to be the new president, and the director of the Institute was called to be one of his counselors. When the new presidency was called, I felt that they truly are the men the Lord would have serve at this time - it is so comforting to receive assurances like that.

After the conference, a couple of my roommates and I, as well as a few friends, went to my roommate's parents' place for lunch and dessert. Apparently, someone had given her parents a lot of lemons, and Roommate's dad is an amazing lemon-meringue pie maker. And I have to agree - the pie was great! So was the lemonade that he had made to go with lunch. Not only that, but I love Roommate's parents.

Later in the afternoon, Bookend Boy and I went to visit a friend who is sick. She is a riot, and we had a fun visit with her. I also went visiting teaching this evening. Last of all, my Roommate unveiled the cheddar cheese she made a month ago. It tasted great!

So, why feel down after such a day so full of good friends, conversation, church, etc? I don't know (I mean, I have some guesses, but they're not good reasons). I guess I just need to count my blessings and feel better.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's & One Month of Emilee

It is late, and I really need to go to bed, but I had such a great Valentine's yesterday that I wanted to write about it. It didn't start out so well, which was my fault, but from about 7:00 p.m. on it was fantastic. These are the reasons:

1) I got to hang out with Emilee who was one month old yesterday. I read The Giving Tree to her. I'm sure you can imagine how attentive a one month old would be for that, but I thought I might as well start now. Emilee is so cool, and I'm so glad she is a part of my life. While I was holding her yesterday I thought about how I could just stare at her forever. She's great!

2) On my way home, one Bookend Boy called and asked me where I was. I was heading to Walmart, which I don't like, at the time. However, I knew why he was calling, thanks to a comment made by one of my Roommates earlier in the day, so I told him a street I was near. He replied, "So you're heading home?" "Yes." "Good. Your instructions are to continue driving home." Which I did. When I got home, I heard Bookend Boy and three of his friends at a different apartment. I hurried up to mine, wishing I had made myself more presentable that day. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. When we opened the door, four cute boys dressed in red shirts stood and serenaded us with several songs. Well, that certainly made my day smile. If I can figure out how to upload one of the videos from it, I will. Umm . . . strike that. I guess I will post a picture of them. When I figure out the video thing, maybe I will upload it.

3) My Roommate and I had a dance party. We danced for a couple of hours in our living room, and it was great! We called and invited some friends, but most of them left after a few minutes. However, Roommate and I danced the night away. It felt so good to just let loose for awhile, you know?

Valentine's Day is going to have to try pretty hard to beat this year's day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Valentines

I think I have two Valentine's this year - isn't that . . . great! or something. When I was a missionary, two of the elders brought my companions and me each a long-stem rose. That was super nice. I don't think I've ever received one other than that besides the card that my parents give us each year. I haven't received one yet this year, and unless there's one in the mail, I think those days might be over. 75% of my siblings have permanent Valentine's anyway, so maybe that's good enough. Today the Case Manager at my school asked me if I would be his platonic Valentine - because he's already married. I was going to content myself on that, but later today, at home, my roommate told me I had a package. It was from that long-distance guy I've been writing for a long time. Enclosed was a card and one of those huge Hershey's Kisses. I feel kind of bad because the thought didn't cross my mind to send him anything. Oh well. It was thoughtful of him, though, and it kind of made my day smile.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

About Hubcaps

I've been sick for close to a week now, and it's killing me because I haven't been able to see Emilee due to that. I just wanted you to know that I'm not lazy about taking and posting pictures, it just hasn't been an option for awhile.

A word about Hubcaps . . . one of my friends commented to my previous post that the next thing that happens to me will be losing a hubcap. I've already lost one or two, so it wouldn't surprise me, but as far as I know, those last few are still there. Good guess, though! We will see what happens.

Also, any suggestions for how to get through the next couple of days of teaching without being able to see?

I hope life is treating you well (and honestly, I know I shouldn't complain. My life is really pretty nice)!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Things that Have Broken on Me Starting Monday


Any guesses for what's next?

Monday, February 2, 2009

And the Dagger Twists

Today I listened to such songs as "The Rainbow Connection," "Gee, I'm Glad it's Raining," various songs from "My Best Friends Wedding," and I am currently listening to "Remember When it Rained." If my blog wasn't public, I would explain in greater detail, not that you care to know, but I probably would. Anyway, I figure those of you who are a little intuitive will figure it out.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy February!

Can you believe it is a new month?! The first month of 2009 is already gone. Whoa!

Here's the way I spent the last week of January:

Monday - Happy Chinese New Year!! It's the Year of the Ox.
Tuesday - Austen Night begins! We started with "Persuasion" and had a great little debate after the movie. It was just like "girl time" after, only with a guy there to give us his perspective, which was pretty different from mine regarding one of the scenes.

Wednesday - Missionary Coordination - I love our meetings!! Doesn't that sound like an oxymoron - loving a meeting? But, I do! Also, Emilee is two weeks old! The picture was taken that day.

Thursday - Practice with the band and attend New Testament class, which was great (for more reasons than one)!

Friday - Variety Show - my little bro. did an amazing job with his one-man "Princess Bride" sketch. Several people have commented on how great it was. The band did alright. I don't think we did as well as we could have, nor did it go exactly like we had planned for it to go, but we had the audience participate with us, and I think that went over really well. The show was too long, but I really liked most of the acts.

And now for a little note about the radar, since I'm sure you want an update. I was recently reminded how impossible it is. I would say the odds are a million to one on one of the blips. Now, I've known that for a long time - I just haven't been able to let it go yet. However, the other one is pretty aggravating because I had no idea what I was getting myself into with that one. I thought there was a much closer to even chance, but now I'm not so sure. My sister told me not to give up, though, so I'm trying to see what I can do anyway. Providence even seemed to help me out today. One can't go wrong with that, so I will try to be bold and we will see what happens (which will likely be nothing, but as nothing's going on right now anyway, it's not like there's much to lose, right?).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Very Pleasant Surprise

Here is one of my latest Emilee pictures - isn't she adorable!! I love babies with pacifiers! Desi and Britt invited me over for breakfast on Saturday morning, and this is how she was when I arrived. They had her facing the kitchen as they prepared delicious pancakes and eggs. She didn't stay that way for long, though - of course I got her out of the seat and into my arms pretty quick. We went and sat on the recliner, and I watched her watch the world. I really feel like she's starting to comprehend what she's seeing now, which is really cool. Maybe she'll start to recognize me soon.This other picture is pretty hilarious to me because it looks like a couple of couples - so deceptive! This is not even a date - sorry, Dad! I got to attend a baptism yesterday, and this is a picture that was taken after. Boy on the Left commented about being a bookend. Anyway, the baptism was really great! I'm so grateful to be a member of the church with priesthood authority. I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost because he helped me know that what happened yesterday was for real.

Now for the very pleasant surprise. One of my roommate's helped make this goal that we would throw a party each month this year. I decided that yesterday would be the day. Chinese New Year is tomorrow, so I thought we would have a party in honor of that. I also decided that I would make Chinese dumplings for the occasion. Well, of course I way over-planned my day yesterday. By the time I went to the baptism, I had only made the dough, when I really needed to have mixed the filling up, as well. I didn't get home from the baptism until it was time for the party to start. Fortunately, my Roommate was wonderful and had cleaned while I was gone. Also fortunately, the guests did not come on time. While driving home from the baptism I had thought, Well, I don't have time to make the dumplings. I just won't make them. We'll just have the brownies that I was supposed to take to the baptism but didn't take in. It will be a lame party, and no one will come to any future ones. Oh well. That's okay. And I think that's pretty much how it would have gone except that the guests came and turned a lame, unplanned party into a great night! The guests helped me make the dumplings. We were working on mixing the filling and putting them together for about two hours before I think we even made any! Roommate had made some delicious egg roles that we were able to enjoy during the eternal dumpling-making process. By the time I was cooking the last batches of prepared dumplings, most everyone was playing a game that some others guests had brought.

And then one guest requested that roommate play her banjo. Soon after that happened, Bookend Boy started rummaging around drawers in the kitchen. Before I could ask him what he was looking for, he found the silverware drawer and I figured it out. Bookend Boy is an accomplished spoon player. Before the night was over we had quite the little band going. Roommate played the banjo, Bookend Boy played the spoons, and the boy at the other side of the picture played his harmonica. Most of us sang, and Bookend Boy even organized a number that we are planning on performing at a talent show this Friday. So, what began as a disaster ended as a very pleasant evening! I think I kind of went into shock for awhile after everyone left - I tried to fit too much in, but at least I ended the night with great company.

Wish the Chinese New Year Band luck at the show!