Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Emilee, Mission Not Accomplished, and David Archuleta

I need to go to bed, but I also feel the need to post. I just read from the introduction to The Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery tonight that Montgomery once wrote "Only lonely people keep diaries." I suppose that's kind of true and that one feels the desire to write more when one is feeling that way.


Emilee turned three months yesterday. She is the best thing in my life right now, I feel. When I am with her or looking at pictures of her, life feels good, and lack of boys, direction, calm, etc., don't seem to matter so much. My dad commented to me last night that he hasn't seen any pictures of Emilee on here recently, so I'm adding a few tonight. I plan to post more to Facebook soon, too. Happy three months, Emilee!! I love you!

Mission NOT Accomplished!

I heard today that Chick-Fil-A was doing this special for Tax Day, so my friend and I went there for dinner, only to discover that this particular store was not participating. It was my first time there, and I liked the food, even though I didn't get a future free meal out of my visit. At any rate, that's besides the point. Friend and I talked about a date night that's coming up this Friday. One of my other friends and his posse are trying to revamp the way we singles do things. Normally, we just hang out, which Elder Oaks told us we shouldn't do. Therefore, they are setting up regular date nights - activity provided, you bring a date, kind of thing. Friday will be the second such night. I was not asked to the last one, but I don't think I would have felt very comfortable at it anyway. This one is right up my alley, however. I would really like to go. Therefore, I told Friend that I was hoping to get home in time to try to make myself look cute for tonight. You see, I had a class at church tonight, and so I thought that maybe - just maybe - if I tried to look happy and cute, I might have a tiny chance of a guy asking me. I figured this was my last chance. Friend wished me luck - I think - when he dropped me off. I dashed upstairs, ran into my apartment, and tried to cute-ify myself as much as possible in about 10 minutes. Well, I didn't get to go all out, of course, but I think I was mostly presentable. Well, friends, I failed. I am tempted to tell the boys, "Boys, you don't have to really want to date me. It would just be nice if you asked me out occasionally. You have no idea how much it can brighten a girl's day to get asked out from time to time." I mean, I probably won't do it, but I just wish they knew they could ask a friend out. Just make the normal hanging out thing a little more special every once-in-awhile.

David Archuleta

I don't think of myself as a pop supporter, but I guess I have to admit that I am. A few nights ago I heard Crush on the radio - I mean, it wasn't the first time I've heard it. In fact, I had heard it enough times to know that I liked it. Well, it started this couple of days obsession for me, and I bought it tonight and have it on repeat. Pop music is so silly and predictable, and yet it's "Pop"ular for a reason, eh? Sometimes, it just speaks to a person. "But I know this crush ain't going nowhere!" Tell me about it David! who, by the way, is a baby! You probably knew that - I did not. I thought he was probably around my age. Then, when I pulled up the song on Youtube (I wasn't committed enough to buy yet), I saw him and was surprised to see a kid the age of my students singing to me. I still like the song, though, despite it's popiness.

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Lu&Moo said...

Oh. I went through the Crush on repeat phase--and I'm still haven't managed to graduate from it yet. I just pulled up the youtube video and kept hitting play over and over again while I worked on other things. Youtube is the source of much happiness. As is Crush.