Sunday, June 22, 2008

Observations and the Lack Thereof

First of all, tomorrow I start my ROAD TRIP - yea!!! Way excited about that. Although, I'm not going to get on the road until much later than originally planned, I think. Oh well. One of my goals for the trip is to not get stressed out and to not be too planned out. It's kind of hard to do that when you're trying to visit a lot of people who actually have schedules, but I'm trying to balance it all.

I have some things I want to blog about, but they would take too long, so instead I will relate an interesting thing that happened to me today. I guess it's probably a bit vulgar, so please excuse. This morning, as I was getting ready for the day, one of my roommates came into my room and asked me if I had seen her brassiere. We had washed some of our clothes together a couple of days ago. Our other roommate had folded the clothes, and I found my pile sitting on my bed - at least I thought it was all my pile. Anyway, once I realized this I told Roommate that it was possible that I was actually wearing it. We decided not to worry about it at the time, but tonight, upon further examination, we discovered that yes indeed I was sporting her underclothing. Oops! My siblings would tell you that I'm not very observant, and I guess today proved it (actually, I think I wore it yesterday, too).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How Many Lives Do Dogs Have?

Yesterday I was walking along the concrete hall of my apartment complex, en route to the dumpsters. I was on the 2nd floor. As I approached the stairs to go down them, I heard a couple of dogs running out of their apartment, with their owner calling after them. The dogs rounded a corner and came into view. You may have noticed before that dogs don't do so well on certain surfaces, as far as traction goes. You know, when they get going, it takes awhile for them to come to a stop because they go into a skid first. Well these two dogs were small. They were so small, in fact, that one of them slid right through the bars at the ledge and fell straight to the gravel below. I watched in horror. The little dog didn't yelp, he didn't really make any sound, he just jumped up and went trotting off. I walked down the stairs, wondering what kind of impact that should have had on the dog. I heard Owner coming along, with the other dog now on a leash. I told her what had happened, she freaked out, and we went looking for Little Dog. I thought he had headed for the street in front of the complex, pointed her in that direction, and slowly headed that way myself. Little Dog did not appear, so I turned around and headed for the garbage, wondering if he was in the parking lot. As I entered it, out from under a truck trots Little Dog. He runs up to me and then backs away a little. So, I put everything down, scooped him up, and returned him to Owner, who had me recount the fall again. Then she walked off looking shocked and I continued to the dumpsters, probably also looking shocked. And so I wondered tonight, if cats get nine lives, how many do dogs get?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Like Breaks

Okay, so this week I have done worse on calorie-intake. However, I have lost 4 lbs in the last couple of weeks - yea!! Only a lot more to go. My theory is that I'm working out enough to be able to eat enough to keep myself from being too cranky. And P.S., my doctor told me it's my medication that's making me gain weight, which makes me feel a little better.

In other exciting news . . . Friday was my last day for the school year!! Wahoo! I am so excited to be on break, I can't even really convey it. And may I say that the last day of work was rather pleasant. We had a couple of meetings in the morning (one on our benefits - I actually got some relevant info from it), I had my evaluation, and then we all met at this ranch at the end of the world - Tucson, I mean - for a retirement luncheon for our registrar. It was a nice, relaxing way to finish the year. The lunch was quite expensive, but it was very good, and the ranch was cool. There were a lot of horses in a corral outside, and it definitely smelled like them, but I didn't really mind the smell. It made you feel like you weren't in the city, you know? At any rate, it was a nice end of the school year, and now I have some time to visit people and work on some personal goals for the next couple of months.

One last thing - while on my weight-loss site tonight, there was an add for the Book of Mormon. Cool!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's A Small World After All

Today I found out that one of my co-workers is L.D.S. Who knew? And he's from my hometown. Which brings me to another thought - he asked me what year I graduated from high school, and when I told him, appeared pretty surprised. "Oh! You're a young'n!" How old did he think I am, I wonder? I don't think I've ever had a person think I was older than I actually am. That cannot be a good sign. ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ice Cream!

Tonight was graduation for the high school I work at. The graduation went well, but I felt all up-tight about it for some reason. Therefore, on my way home I decided 'Diet or no diet, I am eating ice cream when I get home!' Ah, the comfort that a delicious bowl of ice cream can bring! I've been feeling pretty hungry and pretty cranky (probably due to the hungry part) lately. I'm not sure if I've got the calories to exercise thing quite balanced, which might be a contributor to how I've been feeling. So, I can't tell you how wonderful my BIG bowl of vanilla ice cream (with chocolate syrup, M&M minnies, and peanut M&M's tasted to me tonight. I feel so much better. *Sigh.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week's Highlights

Only one more week before I have my summer break - and I sure think I'm ready for it. I don't have much to share from the week, but I did want to say that I bowled a 104 on the field trip with my kids this week. That might not sound cool to you, but it's pretty good for me. In other news, I lost about half a pound this week - only a lot more half pounds to go. Steady does it, I hope, so we'll see where I'm at in a couple of months. And as for my not being able to tell I was gaining weight the past few months, I guess I was in denial because this week I have sure been able to tell. "Oh, my pants are a little tighter!" "I guess I had noticed my skirt fit a little different." Hmmm. I'm choosing to take this little emergency in my life as a blessing, as it is finally motivating me to be more active in being healthy. Good luck to you all in your goals. Oh, and P.S.; you should go to my friend Moo's blog and watch her crash video - it's pretty good. I'm happy to say she's recovering very well.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weight Decades

So, I just weighed myself yesterday and made a horrible discovery - I've gained a ton of weight in the last little while!!! I was quite upset about it, so I used my roommate's scale today and weighed myself on it and have confirmed that I have, in fact, gained as much weight as the first scale said I did. How depressing! I'm just hoping that it's the medication that I'm on that has caused this change, and not a lifestyle change that I'm in denial about.

I don't feel that I've changed my eating habits that much. And, as far as total health is concerned, I've been working out more lately. When I stepped on the scale, it wasn't that I was expecting to have lost weight - I haven't been consistently working out long enough for that yet. But I also wasn't planning on being in a new weight decade (can I call it that?). Uggh!! Frustrations! Anyway, as I was thinking about my dilemma last night, I determined to look around online to see if I could get some help. I don't believe in most diets - you just gain it right back. The one or two that I do believe in cost more to be a part of than I'm willing to pay at this point. I was hoping to find something free to help me figure out how many calories I'm eating and how to cut some out. I did find a site that I hope will be helpful, I signed up, and now I will try to cut out calories, along with continuing to work out, and we'll see what happens.

Fortunately, my clothes seem to be fitting about the same, so I don't think I appear to be a lot fatter than I was three or four months ago. Nevertheless, I'm glad that fat shirts (you know, the maternity-looking ones with empire waists) are in style right now and that I just bought several. I think I'll just hide in those for awhile until I feel like I have a handle on what's happening to my body . . .