Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ice Cream!

Tonight was graduation for the high school I work at. The graduation went well, but I felt all up-tight about it for some reason. Therefore, on my way home I decided 'Diet or no diet, I am eating ice cream when I get home!' Ah, the comfort that a delicious bowl of ice cream can bring! I've been feeling pretty hungry and pretty cranky (probably due to the hungry part) lately. I'm not sure if I've got the calories to exercise thing quite balanced, which might be a contributor to how I've been feeling. So, I can't tell you how wonderful my BIG bowl of vanilla ice cream (with chocolate syrup, M&M minnies, and peanut M&M's tasted to me tonight. I feel so much better. *Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Ice cream, huh. That sounds divine . . . if only I new I could eat it and enjoy it. Actually, I had some of B's ice cream the other night, and it was quite re-reshing. If you want to talk calories vs diet vs exercise . . . I may have a few ideas if you need.