Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I just finished reading Pat of Silver Bush, by L. M. Montgomery, and I have to post on it because it was so good. I have to admit that all of Montgomery's books are very similar. If you've read one, you pretty much know what they will all be like. I enjoy them, though, because they're wholesome and full of good morals. They're full of imagination and idealism, and they are just fun, uplifting books. The reason I'm writing about Pat, though, is because I really enjoyed this one - more than many of the other ones. This one actually had me laughing out loud - I'm not sure the last time that happened. I cried in part of it, too, although that is definitely not unheard of for me. I think part of the reason I liked it so much is because I can identify a lot with Pat. She hates change. She wants everything to remain the same. She loves nature and finds so much pleasure in beautiful things. I love her.

Also, as she already knows, I kept thinking about my friend, Lu, while reading the book. I don't know why - I just think she would like it. There's this great character with an Irish accent that I think she would appreciate. The only annoying thing about the book is that I believe there is a sequel, so this one didn't resolve everything. Now I just have to find the next one.


Last night, I was thinking about how pleasant my place is. My roommate was in the kitchen, making something delicious for work, singing along with her I-pod. I was laying/lying (I don't remember the rules to know which I'm supposed to use - help!) on the futon, reading a great L. M. Montgomery book, Pat of Silver Bush, which I may post on later today, and everything just felt nice.

Then I came out this morning, in the dead of summer in southern AZ, to find the front door and living room windows open while the ac is trying desperately to keep things cool. Other roommate wanted to let in some fresh air, which definitely has it's merit.

What more could you ask for? ;)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What A Mug

I spent today with a lot of family, and, no offense to anyone else, but I think this was my favorite part - can you blame me? :)

Monday, July 21, 2008


For most of my life I think I have been a hopeless romantic. I'm not sure why. I haven't ever been lucky in love. Maybe that's the hopeless part. I don't know where the romantic part comes in - I haven't really experienced it yet. (Actually, I have to say that I once had a friend who would do things with me that everyone else said were way romantic, but we were just friends, no more, and I think that makes a difference.) Hmmm. I remember reassuring many a friend that even if one gets hurt, it is still worth it to love. If you don't ever let yourself, you have no chance to experience the joy that can come from it. However, I don't find myself interested in nearly as many guys as I did as a teenager. Occasionally, when it happens these days, I go through these awful emotions that I just don't like. There's always the pleasant, giddy sensations - you're excited to go places where that person might be, you feel that lovely rush when he actually talks to you, you daydream happy ideas of how you'll finally get together - how he'll finally decide that he wants to know you, too. However, there are also the inevitable not-so-pleasant emotions that must come. Jealousy when he's talking to other girls, catching other girls' eyes, taking your roommates on dates, etc. Sadness when you're realistic and realize that he doesn't really show any special interest in you, that the likelihood of his ever asking you out is slim to none. Foolish when you realize that maybe you really don't have that much in common, when you admit that he is way above and beyond you and that it's probably wrong of you to even want to ask him to stoop to someone like you. Okay, I know all of that sounds really pathetic, but those are all emotions that I go through - even without liking the guy that much (I can only imagine how much more compounded those feelings must be when you really like someone). It is moments like these when I think about how content I generally am in life and wonder why I would ever allow myself to hope for somebody else in my life. There seem to be way too many unpleasant feelings to go through while waiting for something good to happen that it's not worth it. And so then I think - better to nip this interest in the bud, better to quell it, before it gets out of hand and I become a depressed teenager again. It doesn't help that I'm listening to Tony Bennett, Norah Jones, and Frank Sinatra, either. I think I'm going to listen to a little Josh - which won't help, either - and then I will work on my book. Don't people always write better when they're melancholy?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blogger Game

This is a little blog game-Just for fun.

1. As a comment on my blog, leave your favorite memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Nice Day

I kind of don't want to post because then that beautiful picture just below this post won't be at the top anymore. I was showing a couple of friends my pictures from the road trip tonight, and when the boy saw the picture, he commented on the attractiveness of my friend. His girlfriend asked him if he wants to go on a man date with him, but I think he's happy to keep dating her. This couple is moving across the country in less than a week, for which I am very sad. If I remember to take my camera to their going away dinner this week, maybe I'll post some pictures of the event.

Tonight, they, as well as Lu (formerly known as Elizabeth Bennett) and Colonel Brandon, and a few other cool friends came over for dinner. It's so nice to have a little gathering of close friends who you can laugh and be at ease with. And that's what we did. I had heard by way of Facebook that today was National Ice Cream Day, so we ate ice cream, as well. What a great ending to a nice Sabbath day. Have a terrific week!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Road Trip - Day Nineteen, The END

Yea!!! I'm almost done. If you've stuck through the whole trip, you're amazing. I got terribly bored just writing about it all. Well, Day Nineteen was a week ago Friday. I got up, said goodbye to Friend before she left for work. Then I got ready and left to meet up with my friend, who I wrote about last January 24th. Anyway, we went shopping for brunch foods, went back to his place, and I attempted to make crepes while he made himself a breakfast burrito because he didn't trust my crepe-making skills. I can't blame him. I had never made them on purpose before. For some reason they smoked like crazy, and there was a thick haze all through the boy's house before I was finished. The crepes didn't look pretty, either, but they tasted like crepes, so I will call them a success. After taking the above picture (my roommate says I have model-hair in it, which I find amusing), I left and drove back home, and here I be, safe and sound. It was a great trip - I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do it. It was wonderful to be able to see so many friends and relatives, as well as enjoy the outdoors and cooler weather. I highly recommend it. THE END.

Road Trip - Day Eighteen

Ms. Ecuador needed to go the Social Security office, so I spent the morning taking her there and to Walmart, where we spent a long time looking at cameras - she did finally select one. I told her I couldn't really help her pick one out, as I don't know much about cameras, and I suggested we ask the guy behind the counter. She said he looked kind of weird, or something like that, which I found amusing. He was totally gothic, with his died-black hair, black eyeliner and eyeshadow, tight pants and cloth shoes. He was super nice and totally helpful, so I'm glad she let me ask him for help. When we finally finished, she was so cute and told me I was her angel and that she would never be able to thank me enough. I just asked her to send me a postcard from the Grand Canyon, which she has already done. I hope I can find her email address, so I can write and tell her thank you. That's why I love the hostel thing - you get to meet some really nice people from all over the globe.

Before leaving Flagstaff, I ended up leaving my car at a NAPA, or somewhere like that, so they could run a check to figure out why the light was on. The shop is right on the Route 66, and I ate at a little restaurant nearby while I waited - I wish I had taken a picture of it. An hour later and a little poorer I got my car back; the man told me it is my catalytic converter, which didn't have to be dealt with at the time - that made me so happy - so I took off for Mesa.

In Mesa I got to spend the night with one of my best friends/former roommate. We went out to this fabulous restaurant for supper. When we left the restaurant, it was monsooning pretty hard, and we were soaked by the time we reached her car. I know I look scary in the picture, but that's when I'm soaked through, so be nice. We could barely see the lines on the street, but we made it home okay, changed out of our wet clothes, and watched the most awful version of Beauty and the Beast that I have ever seen. I figure I should buy a copy, and then if I'm ever visiting my parents, and my dad complains about what I'm watching, I'll just put Beauty and the Beast on and say, "Would you rather I watch this?" It was painful. It was like a low, low, low, low, low budget musical. Friend and I even fastforwarded through the songs because we couldn't take them. And yet, we watched the whole movie. Haha! Anyway, it was fun spending time with Friend.

Road Trip - Day Seventeen

I spent the morning getting ready to leave. Then my grandma took my dad and me out for lunch. Then we went back to her place, I gathered my things, and took off for Flagstaff again. About an hour or two into the drive I noticed a light on my dash. No!! I didn't know what it meant, so I called my dad, but I couldn't really describe the shape to him, so he didn't know what was going on. He looked up things online and called me back to tell me he thought it was the malfunction lamp, meaning that any number of things could be wrong. I stopped at a NAPA, or some place like that, in a small town and asked if they could check my engine. They couldn't, but the man I talked to suggested that I stop at a Checker in Richfield, UT, where they would be able to check. I stopped there, and the guy eased my fears by telling me that the lamp can go on for a ton of reasons, many of them minor, and that I should be just fine getting the rest of the way to Flagstaff. He reset the light, so it turned off, and I continued, light-free until a couple of hours outside of Flagstaff. While en route to Flag, I stopped at the dam at Lake Powell. It's a beautiful area, and I want to get a picture. Oddly enough, they have some dinosaur tracks at the dam - not sure why, but I took a picture of them, too. Upon arriving at the hostel that night, I met my roommate for the night, who was this really sweet girl from Ecuador. She was on her way to the Grand Canyon, where she is working for the summer. We chatted a little and went to bed.

Road Trip - Days Thirteen through Sixteen

Just hung out in American Fork. My dad and I went on several long walks, including one to my grandpa's grave. We have many ancestors buried in that particular cemetery, and it was neat to locate some of their graves. In the center of the cemetery they have a monument to the pioneers who settled the American Fork area, one of whom was one of my ancestors. I enjoyed reading the short history they had on him. On Sunday my grandma, dad and I went to the home of one of my uncles for Sunday dinner, which is always enjoyable. My dad played hide-n-seek with Muttley, the dog. I got to play some new music I bought, which was really nice. Tuesday we went on a drive. First I had my dad take us to Alpine, so I could show him where my mission president lives - it's a gorgeous house. When we found it, my dad insisted on going to the door to say hi. I was totally mortified, as I had not told them we were coming, and was therefore relieved when no one answered the door. Then we took the Alpine loop drive, stopping at a dam first. The whole drive was beautiful. Last winter in UT was long and wet, so the trees and plants were thriving. One of the things I enjoyed most about my trip was getting to see so much of nature.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Road Trip - The 4th of July

Happy Independence Day, America!! I really feel rather ashamed because I didn't put as much thought into the day as I should have. However, it was nice to spend it with family. I haven't been with my parents for the 4th for years. My grandma, parents, sister, and I headed over to my uncle's home that afternoon for a delicious barbecue. I sampled a couple of different kinds of brats. Some of us watched a really long program on the Military channel for awhile - at least that reminded me about what I was celebrating that day. We played Washers - I had never done that before. I didn't go watch fireworks with my sister and cousin later that night. I guess I've already seen enough over the last several years to last me for awhile. All in all, it was just a nice day spent with family.

Road Trip - Day Eleven

My grandma and I went into Yellowstone for part of the day. We didn't have much time, so we only stopped at a couple of places; some paint pots and Old Faithful. I love the paint pots because of their beautiful colors. I'm also glad we went to Old Faithful because it was really quite magnificent this time. Then we returned back to the cabin, picked up Grandpa, and headed back to Terreton, stopping along the way to visit with one of my aunts and her three girls. I haven't seen them for a couple of years and had never met the youngest. They're all adorable.

After returning to my grandparents' home, I packed and took off for American Fork, again, so I could spend the 4th of July with my parents and sister, who also arrived that night.

Road Trip - Day Ten

Before leaving Rexburg, I went to the university bookstore to purchase a few BYU-I things. I never did that while attending, and I wanted some BYU-I paraphernalia. I also went to visit one of my mission companions. Aren't she and her three children cute? We had a nice visit, but it was too short. Still, I'm so glad I got to visit her, even if it wasn't for long, because she used to live across the country. She's great, and I love her.
When I got back to Terreton, my grandparents and I loaded their car and I drove us up to their cabin, just south of Yellowstone. On the way, we stopped at this delicious restaurant, where I had chicken and a twice-baked potato (yum!). The cabin doesn't look like a cabin from the outside. It's huge so that lots of people can be there at once. It's in a beautiful area, and last winter must have been good because there were lots of wildflowers around. The ones I'm posting here were actually a little south of the cabin.
That night I watched Emma because one of my roommates can't stand it - it was at the cabin, there was no roommate there to torture with it, so I figured that was my chance and I took it. I'm glad I did because I think I liked it even more than the last time I saw it.

Road Trip - Day Nine, cont'd

I got to go hang out with one of my former roommates in Rexburg. I've blogged about her before, you might recall. She's in school and working, as well, so I didn't meet up with her until the evening. Then we went to the Rexburg temple - yea!! I've been waiting to go there. It was under construction while I attended BYU-I, so I have really been looking forward to seeing it completed and being able to attend. It is a beautiful temple, as you can see. It's right across the street from the history building, where I spent much of my BYU-I life.
After going to the temple, Roommate and I went to this fabulous new Thai restaurant. I got this yellow curry dish that was to die for! It was REALLY good. I don't think I've ever had such good curry and Roommate could vouch for me on that.

I spent the night at her place and got to know her nice roommate a little. I love hospitable people! My roommate and two of her roommates each offered me their beds for the night. I won't tell you whether I accepted or not, it was just so kind of each of them to offer, especially the ones that didn't even know me. That's one of the things I like about poor college students. It seems to me that they have an easier time sharing sometimes, perhaps because they need to let other people help them out sometimes, too. I don't know. The point is, I had a great evening with my roommate - thank you!

Road Trip - Days Eight & Nine

Nothing much to report here. I wasn't feeling well, so I sat around my grandparents' place and played the piano, read A LOT of Harry Potter, got a tan, and walked around their farm. My grandparents have a huge farm (to me it's big, at least), and so does my uncle, who's farm adjoins theirs. One of those two days my grandfather declared that he was going to take me for a ride on the four-wheeler around the farm. I really wasn't feeling well, and it ended up being a great distraction. My grandpa is in his eighties - he can't really feel his legs or feet anymore, I believe. Therefore, a four-wheeler is great for him because you control it with your hands, which he does have feeling in. So, in the afternoon, I hopped on behind him and we took off. I asked him to show me what was theirs, so I would know where I could walk. I found out I could go about anywhere; between my uncle and himself they have "a couple thousand" acres. I don't say that to brag. I'm not really sure how many acres the average farm is, but it was exciting to see a lot of land and know I could meander about it as much as I wanted to. Grandpa pointed out the different crops they have: wheat, feed-corn, potatoes, of course, etc. I tried to memorize what each crop looks like, but I already can't recall. Sometimes I feel like a total city-folk. Anyway, we ended at the spud cellar, and my grandpa sent me in to get some for dinner. I didn't want to disappoint him, so I grabbed the largest ones I could find, which he made fun of me for later. It was a fun ride with Grandpa and one of the highlights of that part of the trip. While growing up, Grandpa was always distant, stern, and didn't have much to do with us. In his old age, however, he has softened a lot and shows his affection for us more. I like it.
And, I love farms. The summers I lived with my grandparents at their other farm were so enjoyable. I love the openness of farms. I love the earth and watching things grow on it. I love an open sky. I wouldn't know the first thing about taking care of a farm, but I'm glad I've been exposed to them a little, and I love the time I spend at them.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Road Trip - Day Seven

I got up and went to church with my grandparents. Then we came home and I played the piano for awhile (glorious!), after which I took about a three hour nap. Isn’t that awful?! It was my grandpa’s birthday – Happy Birthday! – so we had a nice little dinner for him. Prior to the dinner, one of my cousins came over and I got to meet his wife and their child for the first time. The baby is really cute. For dinner, one of my uncles and his family, as well as another former roommate of mine (I’m old, okay, so I’ve lived with a lot of different people by now) joined us. I got to meet another cousin’s wife – she was really sweet, and it’s nice to know a few more relatives. We ate a delicious Idahoan spud dinner, and my grandma got out her china for it, so it looked really pretty, too. She usually doesn’t use the china, but there were few enough of us that she had enough to put it out. I enjoyed listening to the family, and I had a nice visit with my roommate. She’s just great, and I love her!
I also got to practice my Spanish a little. The missionaries live in the basement at my grandparents’ house. Both of them are from Guatemala, so when they got home I got to talk to them for a couple of minutes. My Spanish is getting so bad, but I was happy to be able to say as much as I said. And they always tell you you’re doing a good job (even when you’re not), so it encourages you to keep trying. One week down and two more to go. My body’s kind of telling me that it’s about had it, I think, so we’ll see if I actually continue for two more weeks or cut things short. Regardless, I’ve already accomplished my main goals for the trip (except for going to the Rexburg temple, but I think I’ll make it there), so I will be happy with that, even if I don’t get to do all of the other things I want to do.

Road Trip - Day Six

Sleep in. I was not feeling well at all the night before. When I woke up, I thought I was doing a lot better – until I sat up. Oh well. I was doing better, just not as much better as I wanted to be. My former roommate and I got ready for the day and just relaxed and chatted. Due to how I was feeling, I don’t think I was a very good guest, but she was a great hostess. I haven’t seen her for a couple of years, so it was nice to see her again. Her husband’s really cool, too, and it was good to say hi to him.
3:00 p.m. – Take off for Idaho. Since I wasn’t feeling so well, I spent most of my drive talking to my family on the phone – thanks, guys! I got up to Terreton and enjoyed visiting with my grandparents and playing their piano.

Road Trip - Day Five

Get up earlier – yea! and get ready to take off again.
1:00 p.m. – meet up with my favorite FHE brother and his wife for lunch in Logan. It was so fun catching up with them. They’re off to grad school soon, so I’m glad I got the chance to say hi and bye. The pizza was delicious guys – thanks!
3:00 p.m. – go to the Logan temple, which is one of my favorites because it’s so beautiful. After I left, I stayed on the temple grounds and studied about repentance for awhile in the scriptures. It was a really nice experience, and I am really grateful for it.
5:00 p.m. – visit another former roommate. We went on a beautiful walk along a river. (I love Cache Valley. It’s just beautiful and green. I’ve heard it’s not fun during the winter, but I have sure enjoyed the times I have been there.) We watched part of a movie and then went to bed.

Road Trip - Day Four

Wake up really late again – kind of a theme for my road trip. I spent the day relaxing and reading, while my grandma did the same. “If you’re like me,” she said, “once you start a book, you just have to keep going until you finish.” I love it when people understand.
8:00 p.m. – I arrive in Salt Lake, where I’m supposed to me Former District Leader at Baskin Robbins. I walk across the street, where, conveniently, there is a park. I text him to let me know when he arrives, then settle down with Harry Potter. I am so glad I brought reading material because he doesn’t get there until 9:00. He was playing tennis with his brother and must have been having a good time. He gets Arby’s, I find out he’s not going to get Baskin Robbins, so I don’t get any either. Instead, we walk back to the park and spend the next hour and a half catching up and talking about missionaries, etc. I really enjoyed it. You see, I feel rather motherly towards him, which he totally knows, and I like to check on him from time to time. Usually it’s just a phone call, so it was nice to do it in person this time. He seems to be doing well and is on a salsa dance team, which I think would be a lot of fun. I wanted to take a picture with him, but never asked, so I don’t really have proof of the visit.

Road Trip - Day Three

Wake up really late. Once I finally got going and ready, my grandma and I went to the Mt. Timpanogas temple. It is a really beautiful temple, as you can see. It was nice to be able to go with my grandma. Afterwards, we went shopping and I bought the last Harry Potter book – I can’t believe I’m finally almost done. Yea! Grandma took me out for dinner and I ate steak! We stayed up uber late talking, and then I stayed up even later reading Harry Potter because I’m determined to get through it.

Road Trip - Day Two

Wake up and have breakfast at the hostel. Shower and take off for American Fork. It was such a long drive – I got sick of it long before I ever reached my grandma’s. Uggh! I’ve driven further than that before, but it was just obnoxious. I met my grandma at my uncle’s house in Orem, where she was babysitting some of my cousins. When we got home later that I night, I stayed up reading Harry Potter six.

Road Trip - Day One

Okay, so it's been awhile since I've written, but I will more than make up for it by boring you with the details of my road trip. I just got back Friday. I had a great time and got to visit lots of people, so thank you to all of you who made my trip so enjoyable!! There are some of you I didn't get to see - I'm sorry! Some of my trip had to be amended a bit because I wasn't feeling well the whole time. Anyways, here goes:
Spent the morning packing because I didn’t do it ahead of time. I was kind of a nervous wreck, but eventually it got done, and I got on the road around noon.
2:00 p.m. – visit with a former roommate in Mesa. She’s in the top picture. It was a great visit. I haven’t seen her for close to two years, so it was really nice to catch up a bit. I didn’t even know that she had had her third kid.
6:00 p.m. – visit with another former roommate in Prescott. It is a beautiful town, and is situated at a higher altitude, so we sat on the swing in the backyard and caught up. She fed me supper, which was really nice of her. She’s pregnant with her third, which I think I also didn’t know. I haven’t seen her for probably six years – way too long!
9:00 p.m. – arrive in Flagstaff. I love this town! I haven’t been there many times, but it’s a beautiful city in the mountains. I stayed at the De Beau Hostel, which was a ton of fun. Last year my roommate and I stayed at a neighboring hostel owned by the same people. I have to thank my roommate for introducing me to hostels and how they work – thanks! I met one of my hostel mates, from Japan, and talked to her for awhile. She doesn’t have a good opinion of America; I hope she changes her mind before her trip’s over. She was really nice. Then I read Harry Potter until things quieted down. The main part of the hostel has a game room, and it sounded like all of the guests were having a great time drinking and singing along with the jukebox. Three Taiwanese girls came into our room and asked me why I wasn’t with the noisy group – I got the impression that they think that’s what Americans do at night – get really drunk and sing. It kind of made me laugh because I’m unsure about how many of the singers were American and how many were international guests thinking they were having an “American” experience.