Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nice Day

I kind of don't want to post because then that beautiful picture just below this post won't be at the top anymore. I was showing a couple of friends my pictures from the road trip tonight, and when the boy saw the picture, he commented on the attractiveness of my friend. His girlfriend asked him if he wants to go on a man date with him, but I think he's happy to keep dating her. This couple is moving across the country in less than a week, for which I am very sad. If I remember to take my camera to their going away dinner this week, maybe I'll post some pictures of the event.

Tonight, they, as well as Lu (formerly known as Elizabeth Bennett) and Colonel Brandon, and a few other cool friends came over for dinner. It's so nice to have a little gathering of close friends who you can laugh and be at ease with. And that's what we did. I had heard by way of Facebook that today was National Ice Cream Day, so we ate ice cream, as well. What a great ending to a nice Sabbath day. Have a terrific week!

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