Saturday, July 19, 2008

Road Trip - Days Thirteen through Sixteen

Just hung out in American Fork. My dad and I went on several long walks, including one to my grandpa's grave. We have many ancestors buried in that particular cemetery, and it was neat to locate some of their graves. In the center of the cemetery they have a monument to the pioneers who settled the American Fork area, one of whom was one of my ancestors. I enjoyed reading the short history they had on him. On Sunday my grandma, dad and I went to the home of one of my uncles for Sunday dinner, which is always enjoyable. My dad played hide-n-seek with Muttley, the dog. I got to play some new music I bought, which was really nice. Tuesday we went on a drive. First I had my dad take us to Alpine, so I could show him where my mission president lives - it's a gorgeous house. When we found it, my dad insisted on going to the door to say hi. I was totally mortified, as I had not told them we were coming, and was therefore relieved when no one answered the door. Then we took the Alpine loop drive, stopping at a dam first. The whole drive was beautiful. Last winter in UT was long and wet, so the trees and plants were thriving. One of the things I enjoyed most about my trip was getting to see so much of nature.

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