Saturday, July 19, 2008

Road Trip - Day Seventeen

I spent the morning getting ready to leave. Then my grandma took my dad and me out for lunch. Then we went back to her place, I gathered my things, and took off for Flagstaff again. About an hour or two into the drive I noticed a light on my dash. No!! I didn't know what it meant, so I called my dad, but I couldn't really describe the shape to him, so he didn't know what was going on. He looked up things online and called me back to tell me he thought it was the malfunction lamp, meaning that any number of things could be wrong. I stopped at a NAPA, or some place like that, in a small town and asked if they could check my engine. They couldn't, but the man I talked to suggested that I stop at a Checker in Richfield, UT, where they would be able to check. I stopped there, and the guy eased my fears by telling me that the lamp can go on for a ton of reasons, many of them minor, and that I should be just fine getting the rest of the way to Flagstaff. He reset the light, so it turned off, and I continued, light-free until a couple of hours outside of Flagstaff. While en route to Flag, I stopped at the dam at Lake Powell. It's a beautiful area, and I want to get a picture. Oddly enough, they have some dinosaur tracks at the dam - not sure why, but I took a picture of them, too. Upon arriving at the hostel that night, I met my roommate for the night, who was this really sweet girl from Ecuador. She was on her way to the Grand Canyon, where she is working for the summer. We chatted a little and went to bed.

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