Saturday, July 19, 2008

Road Trip - Day Nineteen, The END

Yea!!! I'm almost done. If you've stuck through the whole trip, you're amazing. I got terribly bored just writing about it all. Well, Day Nineteen was a week ago Friday. I got up, said goodbye to Friend before she left for work. Then I got ready and left to meet up with my friend, who I wrote about last January 24th. Anyway, we went shopping for brunch foods, went back to his place, and I attempted to make crepes while he made himself a breakfast burrito because he didn't trust my crepe-making skills. I can't blame him. I had never made them on purpose before. For some reason they smoked like crazy, and there was a thick haze all through the boy's house before I was finished. The crepes didn't look pretty, either, but they tasted like crepes, so I will call them a success. After taking the above picture (my roommate says I have model-hair in it, which I find amusing), I left and drove back home, and here I be, safe and sound. It was a great trip - I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do it. It was wonderful to be able to see so many friends and relatives, as well as enjoy the outdoors and cooler weather. I highly recommend it. THE END.

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