Sunday, July 13, 2008

Road Trip - Day Seven

I got up and went to church with my grandparents. Then we came home and I played the piano for awhile (glorious!), after which I took about a three hour nap. Isn’t that awful?! It was my grandpa’s birthday – Happy Birthday! – so we had a nice little dinner for him. Prior to the dinner, one of my cousins came over and I got to meet his wife and their child for the first time. The baby is really cute. For dinner, one of my uncles and his family, as well as another former roommate of mine (I’m old, okay, so I’ve lived with a lot of different people by now) joined us. I got to meet another cousin’s wife – she was really sweet, and it’s nice to know a few more relatives. We ate a delicious Idahoan spud dinner, and my grandma got out her china for it, so it looked really pretty, too. She usually doesn’t use the china, but there were few enough of us that she had enough to put it out. I enjoyed listening to the family, and I had a nice visit with my roommate. She’s just great, and I love her!
I also got to practice my Spanish a little. The missionaries live in the basement at my grandparents’ house. Both of them are from Guatemala, so when they got home I got to talk to them for a couple of minutes. My Spanish is getting so bad, but I was happy to be able to say as much as I said. And they always tell you you’re doing a good job (even when you’re not), so it encourages you to keep trying. One week down and two more to go. My body’s kind of telling me that it’s about had it, I think, so we’ll see if I actually continue for two more weeks or cut things short. Regardless, I’ve already accomplished my main goals for the trip (except for going to the Rexburg temple, but I think I’ll make it there), so I will be happy with that, even if I don’t get to do all of the other things I want to do.

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