Sunday, July 13, 2008

Road Trip - Day Four

Wake up really late again – kind of a theme for my road trip. I spent the day relaxing and reading, while my grandma did the same. “If you’re like me,” she said, “once you start a book, you just have to keep going until you finish.” I love it when people understand.
8:00 p.m. – I arrive in Salt Lake, where I’m supposed to me Former District Leader at Baskin Robbins. I walk across the street, where, conveniently, there is a park. I text him to let me know when he arrives, then settle down with Harry Potter. I am so glad I brought reading material because he doesn’t get there until 9:00. He was playing tennis with his brother and must have been having a good time. He gets Arby’s, I find out he’s not going to get Baskin Robbins, so I don’t get any either. Instead, we walk back to the park and spend the next hour and a half catching up and talking about missionaries, etc. I really enjoyed it. You see, I feel rather motherly towards him, which he totally knows, and I like to check on him from time to time. Usually it’s just a phone call, so it was nice to do it in person this time. He seems to be doing well and is on a salsa dance team, which I think would be a lot of fun. I wanted to take a picture with him, but never asked, so I don’t really have proof of the visit.

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