Thursday, July 17, 2008

Road Trip - Day Ten

Before leaving Rexburg, I went to the university bookstore to purchase a few BYU-I things. I never did that while attending, and I wanted some BYU-I paraphernalia. I also went to visit one of my mission companions. Aren't she and her three children cute? We had a nice visit, but it was too short. Still, I'm so glad I got to visit her, even if it wasn't for long, because she used to live across the country. She's great, and I love her.
When I got back to Terreton, my grandparents and I loaded their car and I drove us up to their cabin, just south of Yellowstone. On the way, we stopped at this delicious restaurant, where I had chicken and a twice-baked potato (yum!). The cabin doesn't look like a cabin from the outside. It's huge so that lots of people can be there at once. It's in a beautiful area, and last winter must have been good because there were lots of wildflowers around. The ones I'm posting here were actually a little south of the cabin.
That night I watched Emma because one of my roommates can't stand it - it was at the cabin, there was no roommate there to torture with it, so I figured that was my chance and I took it. I'm glad I did because I think I liked it even more than the last time I saw it.

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