Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Perfect Saturday

Since I've moved up close to the boy I haven't felt like I've had much real time with him.  I mean, we're around each other a lot, but other people are often there, too, and I'm really a one-on-one kind of person.  Saturday, however, we got to spend most of the day with just each other, and that was so nice.  We (or, more accurately I) had had a rough evening the night before.  Saturday, though, we ran several errands together and then drove to Manti to watch the Mormon Miracle Pageant.  It's on the Manti temple grounds.  I think I've only been once before - I was really impressed with the temple.  The design is beautiful.  We got there several hours before it started and followed some signs to a church where one could buy an $8 turkey dinner.  It was so good.  The turkey was barbecued or something and it was wonderful.  I felt really close to my boy as we sat there eating in this place where we only knew each other.  After dinner, we went to the temple grounds and waited for the gates to open so we could find a place to sit and save seats for some of our family that was coming to watch the pageant, as well.  The show was nice, and it was alright to be with other family - so I guess as long as I get enough one-on-one time with Jake I'm alright with other folks, too.  By the time we got back to town that night I was so exhausted - the show doesn't start until the sun goes down, around 9:30, and it lasts an hour and a half, and then there's the drive back.  It was worth it, though, because it was such a great day.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Today was an interesting Father's Day for me because my boyfriend is a father of three boys.  I don't think I made my boy feel like I should have today, and that's not good.  I think this is really a transition period for me right now.  Also, I haven't had much alone time with the boy.  He doesn't even have his children a majority of the time, but it feels like they've been with us a lot so far, and it's a little challenging.  I'm hardly used to being in a relationship, period; add kids to that, and it's not the easiest thing for me.  I mean, I like his kids, and he still does an amazing job of paying attention to me; I think it's just a little hard to come into a culture that's already been there for the four of them.  Ugh - I don't know if that's really what I mean, but I guess that's what I've written tonight.  Happy Father's Day to my boy and to my dad and to lots of great dads out there.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sorry for the Absence

I'm sorry that it's been so long since I have written.  I will try to change that and get back into a regular posting groove.  Maybe I'll revamp this place a little - I just moved, so why not make this a new place, too?  Last Monday, Jake, some of my family, and my roommate helped to finish packing me up. They loaded my trailer and a couple of vehicles, and Jake and I began our trek.  We spent the night at Lu's - I'm so glad we could because it had been awhile since I had last seen her, and I don't know when I will get to see her again.  It was fun chatting with her, as always.  The next morning we yakked a little more and then spent ALL DAY on the road; we finally made it that night, and I have been busy not-unpacking-much-at-a-time, applying for jobs, and spending time with Jake.  What a life, huh? My brother and sister-in-law are letting me live with them for a little while, and one of my favorite things about the situation so far is that they have really given me privacy - I sure appreciate that.  Anyway, so here begins a new adventure.  Wish me luck.  Or pray for me - that would be way better.