Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Perfect Saturday

Since I've moved up close to the boy I haven't felt like I've had much real time with him.  I mean, we're around each other a lot, but other people are often there, too, and I'm really a one-on-one kind of person.  Saturday, however, we got to spend most of the day with just each other, and that was so nice.  We (or, more accurately I) had had a rough evening the night before.  Saturday, though, we ran several errands together and then drove to Manti to watch the Mormon Miracle Pageant.  It's on the Manti temple grounds.  I think I've only been once before - I was really impressed with the temple.  The design is beautiful.  We got there several hours before it started and followed some signs to a church where one could buy an $8 turkey dinner.  It was so good.  The turkey was barbecued or something and it was wonderful.  I felt really close to my boy as we sat there eating in this place where we only knew each other.  After dinner, we went to the temple grounds and waited for the gates to open so we could find a place to sit and save seats for some of our family that was coming to watch the pageant, as well.  The show was nice, and it was alright to be with other family - so I guess as long as I get enough one-on-one time with Jake I'm alright with other folks, too.  By the time we got back to town that night I was so exhausted - the show doesn't start until the sun goes down, around 9:30, and it lasts an hour and a half, and then there's the drive back.  It was worth it, though, because it was such a great day.

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Jake said...

Oh, you sweet girl! I love you!