Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weight Decades

So, I just weighed myself yesterday and made a horrible discovery - I've gained a ton of weight in the last little while!!! I was quite upset about it, so I used my roommate's scale today and weighed myself on it and have confirmed that I have, in fact, gained as much weight as the first scale said I did. How depressing! I'm just hoping that it's the medication that I'm on that has caused this change, and not a lifestyle change that I'm in denial about.

I don't feel that I've changed my eating habits that much. And, as far as total health is concerned, I've been working out more lately. When I stepped on the scale, it wasn't that I was expecting to have lost weight - I haven't been consistently working out long enough for that yet. But I also wasn't planning on being in a new weight decade (can I call it that?). Uggh!! Frustrations! Anyway, as I was thinking about my dilemma last night, I determined to look around online to see if I could get some help. I don't believe in most diets - you just gain it right back. The one or two that I do believe in cost more to be a part of than I'm willing to pay at this point. I was hoping to find something free to help me figure out how many calories I'm eating and how to cut some out. I did find a site that I hope will be helpful, I signed up, and now I will try to cut out calories, along with continuing to work out, and we'll see what happens.

Fortunately, my clothes seem to be fitting about the same, so I don't think I appear to be a lot fatter than I was three or four months ago. Nevertheless, I'm glad that fat shirts (you know, the maternity-looking ones with empire waists) are in style right now and that I just bought several. I think I'll just hide in those for awhile until I feel like I have a handle on what's happening to my body . . .

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Katy Jean said...

I hear ya girl! I hate worrying about weight! It really sucks! I am assuming you are probably fine!