Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break 2009

For Spring Break this year I went to visit Lu. It was so much fun. I was super curious to visit Lu because she and her husband have moved to a tiny town, and I wanted to know what it is like. After having gone there I have decided that I like it! Lu and I had fun watching movies (three of them in two days - one was Mr. Magorium, and I really liked it!! Lu has fabulous taste!). We also hiked up some rocks and ate lunch in the beautiful (although somewhat warm) sunshine, and I got a shade less white - yes! We also crashed her friend's camping trip one night and ate s'mores while listening to uncles talk about things like trying to make people "crap their diggers," a phrase I don't think I have ever heard before but find hilarious. We looked at the stars. And we talked - which is what we do best when around each other, I think. We also got to visit another former roommate of mine, which was great. Thanks, Lu!! You're the best!

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Lu said...

I was really hoping you'd put up one of the non-normal pictures of me. I know you have a couple stashed away on your camera. I had a fabulous time too, I hope we get to see each other again soon!