Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pi Day

Oh man! There are so many pictures I want to post because Emilee is so cute. Don't you just love these? She's getting bigger and fatter (that's allowed and welcome in babies), and she's smiling a lot more. She's even starting to try to talk, which I love.
To talk about something other than my niece, though, I will talk about Pi Day. 3.14 = March 14th, right? I was so excited that it was on a Saturday this year. Two of my roommate's and I spent the afternoon making pies, which you can see in the picture. I think it was my first time making pie, maybe. I made pecan, apple crumb, and chocolate pudding. My roommate made this really great top crust for one of the pies - she carved a Pi symbol into it. We had several friends over, and we all just ate pie and chatted. It was terrific! I was excited to hear that some of you and other who couldn't make it still ate pie in honor of the day. Not that we need an excuse to eat pie, but it just adds to the enjoyment if you're a nerdy math person, I guess.
Besides that, I have Spring Break this week, so I should have some adventures to post on next week, especially since I get to go see Lu!

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