Friday, November 13, 2009

Embarrassing Moments

That's today's topic. I have so many - which should I share? The one that I usually tell people about occurred during my college years. There was a boy I was in love with. I really wanted to ask him to the girl's choice dance, but I didn't want him to feel like he had to go with me, so I debated asking him for a long time. It irritated my roommate so much that I just wouldn't ask him out that she even swore at me. Anyway, I finally asked him, and he didn't respond. He couldn't respond the moment I asked him because I did one of those silly creative invitations, so I wasn't even there. However, he didn't get back to me, and he didn't get back to me, and he didn't . . . I think one of my roommates finally suggested that he let me know his answer and he responded that the fact that he hadn't answered yet showed that he obviously would go with me, or he would have let me know sooner. Anyway, he responded creatively, pretty close to the dance. My roommate and I planned it all out. We doubled.

I was so excited to go with said boy to the dance. I really liked him. When we got to the dance, we found a table to sit at. It was pretty close to one of the refreshment tables, so close that I couldn't pull my chair out very far. When I sat down, the fabric from my pants caught the table-cloth and pulled it. The drinks on the table flew towards me (and my roommate, too, I think), and spilled all over me - the horror! I think I actually took it pretty calmly. The boys ran and got napkins pretty quickly. My date offered to wait to dance until the wet spots were gone. I remember thinking, "It doesn't matter. The only person I care about seeing me like this has already seen me." Anyway, like I said before, I don't think I really felt too embarrassed, but it could have been quite devastating, given how I felt about him and given my agony in getting up the nerve to ask him out.

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