Monday, November 16, 2009

Work Story

So, a few of the students at my school give orientation tours to new students. Because of the structure of the school I work at, we get new students all throughout the school year. Part of the orientation consists of the new students being brought through the two classrooms. Somehow, (I don't remember if I started it or if it was This One Student) This One Student started introducing students to my classroom and me something like this:

"This is Jamie's classroom. She is the queen, and this [and he pauses] is her kingdom." There are a few other things he sometimes says, but that's the main part. I kind of like it.

Today, one of my other students was giving her first orientation, and I was very gratified when she did the same sort of thing. I hope that doesn't mean that I have a huge ego, I just think it's kind of funny, and the kids kind of enjoy it, too, I think. I was supposed to knight one of the boys a long time ago, but we're still waiting on the counselor to bring us a plastic sword . . .

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