Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fashion Obsession

That is the topic suggested next in my line-up. Too bad I don't have one. Well, maybe that's a good thing. I was looking through a photo album on Facebook last night (?), and I discovered that the girlfriend of an adopted brother of mine has the largest shoe obsession ever. I don't believe I have ever met someone who owns anywhere near as many shoes as she does. I think she commented that she thinks she owns around 250 pairs!! There were some pictures in this album of all of her shoes. It was amazing. Or something.

These are some things that I have been obsessed with over the years:

Blue eyes
Height (in guys)
3 particular boys
Oh! Silly Jamie - Twilight, of course (shameful, but I've blogged about it plenty before, so it's not like it's a secret here)

What about you?

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