Monday, November 9, 2009


I almost forgot to blog again - I'm going to have to do better at remembering or I might lose this year. Guess what happened to my roommates and me tonight? Whether you want to know or not, I will tell you. One of my roommates was trying to do laundry when she noticed water coming out from beneath the washing machine - oops! I had an experience with a washing machine once-upon-a-time that led me get on top of the washer, so I could look at the drain hose behind it. Well, that wasn't the problem. The girls and I ended up pulling the washer out far enough that one of them could get behind it, which was quite brave, seeing as how the floor beneath where the washer normally is was filthy. Another roommate and I tipped the washer forward while she examined the bottom of the washer. After three of us had examined it, we determined where the leak is, or at least where the water is coming out at. That didn't really do us much good, seeing as how we don't know how to fix it. Close to two full rolls of paper towels later, I am in my room, getting ready for bed much later than I wanted to be. But, at least the floor should be pretty clean now, right? To try to keep as much water from the floor as possible, my roommate removed the wet clothes from the washer. Then I got a hose, and she tried to get a suction thing going, but that didn't work. I ended up scooping out about as much water as I could with a cup. Fun times!

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