Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rooms and Millions

Even thought I've lost Nablopomo, I am still pressing on and writing the rest of the month. I can't get into my idea list right now, but I think I had better write now - no more repeats of last night, I'm hoping. I have two thoughts right now:

1) Don't you love it when you actually have an evening at home? My room is so messy that it's gotten to the point that it's usually on my mind, regardless of what else is going on. I think it's always there - at least in the back, even if pushed out of the way while I take care of various other things. On my way home from work, I had hopeful, though not very confident, thoughts that I would come home and spend a little time areglando things before I had an appointment tonight. Thankfully, the appointment ended up being rescheduled, and I found myself with an evening at home. I've been in my pajamas for hours - *sigh! More importantly, I actually worked on my room. Don't think it's actually clean and orderly yet - it's far from it, but I spent quite a bit of time listening to/watching music videos and working on my room. Some of my floor is actually visible, and I have hopes that this Saturday will be fruitful, as well.

2) Speaking of music videos, I chose a playlist that came up under "upbeat songs," and one of the videos that came on was this one. As soon as it came on, I was taken to a movie that I haven't seen; however, I have seen the clip with the song. Remember? Anyway, post-cleaning tonight, I have been listening to it over and over - I think there's something wrong with my hormonal levels at the moment, given my song fixations lately. I even almost cried with it. Haha! I tried to purchase it on Itunes, but it is one of those songs that is not available on Itunes - what??!!! I hate it when that happens. I guess it saved me a dollar, right? I could have bought the Karaoke version, but that would just be lame and so not worth a dollar. I looked him up on Wikipedia and found out his ethnicity, the reason he wrote the song, etc. Hmmm . . . maybe I should have spent more time cleaning my room.

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