Sunday, July 19, 2009

HP 6

Now that Lu has seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince I feel like I can write my review of the movie, only I'm tired and some of my anger has worn off, so it won't be as good or as complete as it would have been if I had written it during my shower the day after watching it. It looks like she liked it, although she has not said anything about it other than that she thought it was funny. Maybe you will join her camp - I hope you do. If you haven't watched the movie yet, YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO READ THIS ENTRY.

You see, originally I had decided that I would watch the movies before reading the books, given my nature. I always like a book after watching it's movie (except for The Scarlet Pimpernel, in which case the movie is better). I usually DO NOT like a movie if I have read the book first. Take Jane Eyre, for example. I read the book in high school and loved it enough that I say it is one of my two favorite books. The movie versions were awful - except for one, but I think that enough time had passed between reading the book and seeing that one that I wasn't so upset about changes/omissions anymore - maybe it really is an okay version, who knows? Anyway, I was afraid of over-hearing the end of the HP books, so I decided to finish them last year, which is what I did.

#6 is one of my most favorite HP books - that and #4. I have been anticipating an AMAZING movie for months now. The previews looked awesome, and I was looking forward to the best HP movie ever, I think. I was invited to a midnight screening - I have never been to one before. I decided to go. I google imaged Hermione pictures. I went shopping to several stores to try to piece together a Hogwarts costume. I bought makeup and nail polish. I drug my little bro all over the place looking for my costume and I made him tie my tie. I went to the theater.

I was disappointed. I thought the funny went overboard. I think they focused too much on the love stories and not enough on the more serious parts of the book. I was dealing with it, though. I was putting up with it - until the end, at which point I decided it was too much. They changed the plot rather extraordinarily in a bad way, I think. They left out some major stuff. I realize that they couldn't put everything into the movie, but I think they could have focused a little less on love and a little more on action. *Sigh.

There is one thing that I think they did well. I really liked what they did in regards to Malfoy. I think they nailed that part of the book and did a great job with him. That I did like.

I will probably forgive the director. I will probably like the movie soon. I already want it because I want to own them all. It was just disappointing to me in many respects, not only the ones I mentioned. That's why I think I was right to not want to read the books until seeing the movies. I know some people who have read the books and think that this movie is the best one so far, so hopefully you will agree with them and not with me. I think I must be the book Nazi that a friend of mine accused me of being.

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