Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Camp Out

This weekend we had a ward camp out. It was so much fun. My roommate and I carpooled with a couple of boys to the site, which was a pond about a half-mile behind someone's house. We got there after the sun had gone down, and the fun began. The Other Bookend Boy and I got in a canoe, Roommate and O. B. B.'s Friend got in a paddle boat and we had fun in the pond for awhile. We had delicious tinfoil dinners and cobbler that night. Later, I went canoe-ing with another boy, who I don't know very well. There is a little island in the middle of the pond with a fort on it. We rowed and chatted for awhile, after which we went to the little island. We climbed the fort and star-gazed for awhile. It was a clear night, so lots of stars were visible - enough stars, in fact, that I had a hard time picking out constellations. The only one I recognized was the Big Dipper. I saw other groupings that I thought were probably constellations, but I didn't know which ones they were. Boy and I had a nice tete-a-tete. One on one's are the best! That's when you really get to know people, you know?

Later that night, a few of the guys packed the girls up and took them to the backyard where we girls were to sleep. Roommate and I, however, stayed with the guys for awhile. Roommate had brought her banjo, and we sat by the fire and sang with the boys who were there. One of the boys had his guitar, another had his harmonica, so we had a pleasant time singing and listening to each other. When my Roommate and I finally joined the other girls, they were all asleep, which is where we were, shortly. We had been sort of annoyed that we were to sleep in someone's backyard, but it turned out to be a great thing because we slept on soft grass, instead of dirt and rocks, like some of the guys. Not only that, but in the morning, I was able wash my face, brush my teeth, and use an indoor bathroom - ah, luxuries!

When we got back to the camp, Roommate and I got on the paddle boat. A couple of guys joined us shortly thereafter, which made life kind of interesting, as the boat wasn't really made for four grown people, I think. I also thought it probably looked comical and chauvinistic, with Roommate and me pedaling, while one of the guys stood in the back like General Washington, and the other sat in front of us - I think he paddled a little, to give him some credit. It was a relaxing weekend, and I wish we would do it again.

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Christensen Family said...

Sounds like fun! I love camping and paddle boating.