Sunday, May 24, 2009


A few posts back, I mentioned that a friend was moving soon. Well, he has now. Over the past year-ish we have grown fairly close. I think many of my friends would say that I am a good friend, that I'm good at being nice to people - but I don't know about that. I'm really kind of calculating when it comes to who I try to be friends with. The efforts that went into getting to know this friend, as is usually the case, really paid off, and tonight I'm feeling sad that he is gone.

He was our Austen friend, and that's how it all started. Once upon a time, he called for some reason (it was before we were really friends, so I can't really recall why he was calling, other than that I think I texted him - calculating, I tell you - about something). He found out we were watching a little Austen that night, he came, and a weekly Austen Night developed. This was a great tradition because it only involved a few of us - smaller groups make for an easier time in getting to know and be comfortable with people. We also had him over for Sunday dinner often. We discovered that no matter how a party was going, as long as he showed up, it would be a success because of who he is.

Over the past few months, or so, I would say that the friendship became a lot tighter. I think we all kind of reached a familial level. This past Tuesday evening, Austen Night, he had us over to the place he was staying. He prepared a wonderful meal for us, after which we watched North & South, which is not Austen, but it's really good, and I highly recommend it - Lu will back me up, if you don't believe me. I was so tired that evening, and the movie is 4 hours long, so I didn't feel too alert when we said good bye. I didn't worry about that much, though, as it was my understanding that we would see him Thursday evening. Well, Thursday evening didn't happen, so I don't feel like I really got to say good bye - curse me for not being rested enough to handle Tuesday night!!

I haven't been too sad about Friend's absence, but we usually see him on Sunday, so I find myself rather melancholy. I am tempted to say that working on this friendship might not have been such a good idea because we have been left behind, and I'm sad. However, he's one of those great friends who inspires you to be better than you were before, so I guess it is good we got to know him. Thanks, Friend! You are missed.

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Lu&Moo said...

I'm sad that you're sad. Here's a hug for you...and another one.

And I totally back you up about North and South.