Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Valentines

I think I have two Valentine's this year - isn't that . . . great! or something. When I was a missionary, two of the elders brought my companions and me each a long-stem rose. That was super nice. I don't think I've ever received one other than that besides the card that my parents give us each year. I haven't received one yet this year, and unless there's one in the mail, I think those days might be over. 75% of my siblings have permanent Valentine's anyway, so maybe that's good enough. Today the Case Manager at my school asked me if I would be his platonic Valentine - because he's already married. I was going to content myself on that, but later today, at home, my roommate told me I had a package. It was from that long-distance guy I've been writing for a long time. Enclosed was a card and one of those huge Hershey's Kisses. I feel kind of bad because the thought didn't cross my mind to send him anything. Oh well. It was thoughtful of him, though, and it kind of made my day smile.

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Kate said...

I am SO glad you got something for Valentine's day. I am 24 and have never received anything for Valentine's day, and so I have never really considered it a holiday. Well today I decided that I needed to stop worrying about the romantic type of love and realized that V-day is much more than that. So I decided to send my best friend some flowers. Now it will be the best V-day ever for me!