Sunday, February 22, 2009

Full Day

It was such a full day today that I don't understand why I feel kind of sad, and yet I do. We had a stake conference this weekend. This conference was kind of special because the stake presidency was released and a new stake presidency was called. I wasn't expecting to know the new presidency, but one of the former counselors was called to be the new president, and the director of the Institute was called to be one of his counselors. When the new presidency was called, I felt that they truly are the men the Lord would have serve at this time - it is so comforting to receive assurances like that.

After the conference, a couple of my roommates and I, as well as a few friends, went to my roommate's parents' place for lunch and dessert. Apparently, someone had given her parents a lot of lemons, and Roommate's dad is an amazing lemon-meringue pie maker. And I have to agree - the pie was great! So was the lemonade that he had made to go with lunch. Not only that, but I love Roommate's parents.

Later in the afternoon, Bookend Boy and I went to visit a friend who is sick. She is a riot, and we had a fun visit with her. I also went visiting teaching this evening. Last of all, my Roommate unveiled the cheddar cheese she made a month ago. It tasted great!

So, why feel down after such a day so full of good friends, conversation, church, etc? I don't know (I mean, I have some guesses, but they're not good reasons). I guess I just need to count my blessings and feel better.

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