Sunday, February 8, 2009

About Hubcaps

I've been sick for close to a week now, and it's killing me because I haven't been able to see Emilee due to that. I just wanted you to know that I'm not lazy about taking and posting pictures, it just hasn't been an option for awhile.

A word about Hubcaps . . . one of my friends commented to my previous post that the next thing that happens to me will be losing a hubcap. I've already lost one or two, so it wouldn't surprise me, but as far as I know, those last few are still there. Good guess, though! We will see what happens.

Also, any suggestions for how to get through the next couple of days of teaching without being able to see?

I hope life is treating you well (and honestly, I know I shouldn't complain. My life is really pretty nice)!

1 comment:

Kate said...

I am glad you commented on my hubcap suggestion. Well, maybe it is just my lot in life. All I know is that God for sure has a sense of humor.