Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Very Pleasant Surprise

Here is one of my latest Emilee pictures - isn't she adorable!! I love babies with pacifiers! Desi and Britt invited me over for breakfast on Saturday morning, and this is how she was when I arrived. They had her facing the kitchen as they prepared delicious pancakes and eggs. She didn't stay that way for long, though - of course I got her out of the seat and into my arms pretty quick. We went and sat on the recliner, and I watched her watch the world. I really feel like she's starting to comprehend what she's seeing now, which is really cool. Maybe she'll start to recognize me soon.This other picture is pretty hilarious to me because it looks like a couple of couples - so deceptive! This is not even a date - sorry, Dad! I got to attend a baptism yesterday, and this is a picture that was taken after. Boy on the Left commented about being a bookend. Anyway, the baptism was really great! I'm so grateful to be a member of the church with priesthood authority. I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost because he helped me know that what happened yesterday was for real.

Now for the very pleasant surprise. One of my roommate's helped make this goal that we would throw a party each month this year. I decided that yesterday would be the day. Chinese New Year is tomorrow, so I thought we would have a party in honor of that. I also decided that I would make Chinese dumplings for the occasion. Well, of course I way over-planned my day yesterday. By the time I went to the baptism, I had only made the dough, when I really needed to have mixed the filling up, as well. I didn't get home from the baptism until it was time for the party to start. Fortunately, my Roommate was wonderful and had cleaned while I was gone. Also fortunately, the guests did not come on time. While driving home from the baptism I had thought, Well, I don't have time to make the dumplings. I just won't make them. We'll just have the brownies that I was supposed to take to the baptism but didn't take in. It will be a lame party, and no one will come to any future ones. Oh well. That's okay. And I think that's pretty much how it would have gone except that the guests came and turned a lame, unplanned party into a great night! The guests helped me make the dumplings. We were working on mixing the filling and putting them together for about two hours before I think we even made any! Roommate had made some delicious egg roles that we were able to enjoy during the eternal dumpling-making process. By the time I was cooking the last batches of prepared dumplings, most everyone was playing a game that some others guests had brought.

And then one guest requested that roommate play her banjo. Soon after that happened, Bookend Boy started rummaging around drawers in the kitchen. Before I could ask him what he was looking for, he found the silverware drawer and I figured it out. Bookend Boy is an accomplished spoon player. Before the night was over we had quite the little band going. Roommate played the banjo, Bookend Boy played the spoons, and the boy at the other side of the picture played his harmonica. Most of us sang, and Bookend Boy even organized a number that we are planning on performing at a talent show this Friday. So, what began as a disaster ended as a very pleasant evening! I think I kind of went into shock for awhile after everyone left - I tried to fit too much in, but at least I ended the night with great company.

Wish the Chinese New Year Band luck at the show!


Lu&Moo said...

Good Luck BAND! I wish I could be there for your premiere concert. Maybe Banjo Girl can record it as her ringtone like she did with that other harmonica song...

Christensen Family said...

Sounds like you are enjoying being an aunt. Babies add such a special part to our lives; maybe because they remind us of where we came from or just because they are so cute and fun. Good luck in the talent show.