Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Am An Aunt

It's great being an aunt! Today was the first day that I haven't seen Emilee since she was born, which is probably a relief to my sister and brother-in-law, but kind of sad to me. I just feel like she is changing from day to day, so I don't want too much time to pass between visits - I don't want to miss out on those changes. I'm trying not to be selfish - I know her parents want some space, so I'm going to try to back off a lot. However, I've taken a couple of days off this week and am hoping that my sister will let me help out. We'll see how she feels.

I don't have anything more special or important to talk about than Emilee, but it might amuse you all to know that I actually think I flirted today, which is quite an accomplishment for me. My roommates used to tell me that my problem was that I never flirted, so doing so should be recognized. Actually, I'm not really sure if what I did counts, but I picked up on and responded to something that one of my "radar blips," as my dad calls them, said. So, go me. Not that I know what to do next.

Anyways, I love my niece and look forward to seeing her again!


Anonymous said...

I love love love being an aunt - and I know exactly what you mean. I never seem to get enough time with my nephew and niece!

Christensen Family said...

Welcome to aunthood. It's tons of fun!