Sunday, June 14, 2009

Long Work Day

The graduation ceremony for my high school was Thursday evening. Each year I go through various emotions throughout the ceremony, and I usually feel myself edging towards panic. So far I have been blessed to not actually go into a full-blown panic. This year, I stood and thought about the things I have failed at this year. After awhile I decided that it's probably too late to fix those things and that I need to forgive myself and do better next year.

One of my students spoke at the graduation, and I was kind of surprised when I found myself crying when she thanked me in her speech - I don't recall if I've done that in previous years or not. I had already heard her speech - she practiced it for the case manager and me - so I don't know why it got to me so much that night, but it did. I care about my students, but I don't usually care too much when they leave - I'm glad they graduate and hope life goes well for them, and that's pretty much it, so it was interesting to feel a little more connected to things, I guess.

The principal gave us Friday off, due to graduation the night before. However, I will not be at our last day of work this next week, so I went and worked by myself - for 10 hours!! How do some people do that on a regular basis??!! In fact, I took a break for about an hour to get some personal things done and to try to mellow out a little, but it was a long day. I was talking to myself a little by the end of it - don't worry, Dad, I knew who I was talking to. Anyway, my point with this story is - if you can avoid working for that many (or more) hours in a day, I definitely recommend it.

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Lu&Moo said...

Funny, I get emotional sometimes just before I moved from Tucson, I had a moment at mutual where everyone from our ward was standing together, joking and talking and it just clicked in my mind that they were getting along and that they were happy together and that I would miss them when I was gone. I teared up a little, but how do you explain that you're crying over hanging out?