Sunday, November 30, 2008

NaBloPoMo Finale

Well, folks, it's pretty amazing - with this post I will officially complete NaBloPoMo. Hurrah!! I have actually finished something that I started. I'm still pretty bummed about Nanowrimo - I really wanted to win on that one, so this is my little consolation, finishing this. I'm sorry that the posts haven't all be exciting - some of them are pretty stupid, I know, but it gets kind of hard figuring out what to write about each day. If I look back over this past month, though, I should have quite a few reminders of what I was doing (or not doing) this month.

So, I just want to say that I am celebrating completing this. I have been nervous that I would forget one day or that I wouldn't get to my computer before midnight or that gnomes would steal my laptop or cut up the router, or something, but I guess I have shown myself that I can do something consistently for a month, and I'm so glad that gnomes did not sabotage anything. Yea! (Speaking of gnomes, I have inherited one - isn't that great?! Maybe I'll call him Charlie - any suggestions?)

You can celebrate my completing this because that means I won't be writing every day. Those of you who have been keeping up, pat yourself on the back for pushing through it - you're amazing. I am sorry that I have not been reading blogs this month, but I plan to start that up again. What a month! And now we're in the Christmas season with exciting things coming our way to write about. Over and out!

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Christensen Family said...

Congrats on finishing the NaBloPoMo. I'm lucky if I can blog once a week. That's awesome you could keep up with it. Trent and I are excited to see you at Christmas. We'll have a house soon so people can come visit us too. :)