Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bed Sheets and Toilet Bowl Brushes

Tonight as I was putting clean sheets on my bed, I thought a little about some little things that define me. Do you ever notice little things in your life that prove that you actually are your own person. Lest you think I'm going to get deep here, let me get to the point. I have flannel sheets. I didn't grow up with flannel sheets, but I thought they looked so soft and warm that I bought them. I don't know if I ever want to go back. I recently bought a feather pillow. I really like it. Unless I get rich enough that I decide I can buy one of those expensive, weird-shaped pillows, I could see myself sticking with feathers. That's another thing I didn't grow up with, although I do remember enjoying the feather-pillows at my grandparents' house. One other, non-bed related thing I thought about is how I clean. I learned from a former roommate that when you clean the toilet, you can leave the brush suspended between the seat and the bowl after you finish cleaning. The brush can dry before you put it back in its little holder, which means the holder doesn't get nasty water building up in it, which means you end up with a funky-colored, really gross brush after awhile. I thought about how I will probably consciously teach my children to deal with the toilet-bowl brush that way someday. These are some of the little things that define me that I thought of today (and now you'll probably never be curious to know what I'm thinking about again).

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