Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, the title says it. Today was election day. It wasn't just any election day, either. A black man was elected president. Yea for the fact that color did not keep someone from winning. Despite my being glad that that can finally happen in this country, I kind of surprise myself with the depth of lugubrious feelings I'm experiencing. I knew what the outcome of the presidential race would be. I don't even really care for McCain. In fact, I am remembering that there was a time when I thought I would vote for Obama. Wow. Strange how much one can change how they feel about someone or something. Somehow, I feel very depressed in spirit about the outcome of the race. Perhaps I should be happy that democracy works and that the majority of voters in this country got what they wanted. I just watched McCain's speech, and he was good and gracious about the outcome. My roommate assures me that I will not regret this - that things will change for the better, but I can't help but feel differently. It's not that I thought McCain would be an amazing president. I just am troubled because I feel Obama will take us in unhealthy directions if he's able to. I studied history - I love our nation's foundation. I love the founding fathers. I love the constitution. We, as a country, have strayed so far from our foundations - I don't even think most people know what those foundations were. I don't know all of it myself, that's for sure. But, from what I do know, I'm nervous. From what I know of other countries we seem to be following, I'm more nervous. I guess it remains to be seen. It would be great if four years from now I could be seen saying, "Thank you all Obama supporters. You guys were right." At this point, I don't feel confident in that happening, though.

I must remind myself that, as I told a few others, the president was not the part of the ballot I was most concerned about. I was most concerned about Prop 102, and it looks like it has passed. God be thanked!

Obama is a good politician. He is a good speaker. I just watched his address. He referred to the foundation of our country, which I found interesting since that's what I talked about above. He said a few things that heartened me. He encouraged us to be active. That reminded me that I can still be excited about government because I still have the right to work for what I want and believe in. Obama just said, "God bless America." I pray He does. That's the only way we can make it, and I would have believed that no matter who won the race.

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