Friday, November 14, 2008


I know I've sung their praises before, but I love Lu and her husband, The Rock. While driving home today, Lu called to see if I could do something for her back, which apparently hasn't been very happy lately. She was en route to her home, but I figured that she and I would probably get there around the same time. When I did arrive, I was surprised to find The Rock there - but no Lu.
"Hi, The Rock! Has Lu called?"
"I don't know." He checks his phone. "Yes, she has."
"Well, we didn't think you were here, and she wants me to work on her back . . . And, can I come in and wash my hands?"
So I came in and washed my hands, which had remnants of sanitized pop on them from my trying to pick up garbage that spilled out of a dipped bag before I left work. Then I squirted tons of hand sanitizer on my hands - hence, sanitized pop.
"Do you mind if I take Lu for awhile tonight?"
"No. That's fine." Lest you think I am awful for taking my BF away from her husband, he was already planning on spending the evening studying.
I really appreciate it that I still get to hang with her sometimes, and that he doesn't mind.
And, I just love Lu. She showed up about then, and we left for my place. We took care of business, went to my ward's barbecue, and then finished off the evening by watching High School Musical, which neither of us had seen before. Nor had I been planning on watching it, but it seemed like an okay idea at the time, and I have to admit that I enjoyed it. Cute. High school. Good choreography.
Thanks for a great evening, Lu!

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Lu said...

I love you right back Jamila! I feel like I just won an award or something having my name be the title and all. Does my heart good. P.S. I went back to the Chiropractor today and again, he did a fabulous job.