Friday, November 7, 2008

426 Today - 7774 Total

Today I just want to give a big THANK YOU to one of my friends who actually reads my blog. First of all, it makes me so happy that someone actually reads it - usually I just figure that some of the members of my family read it out of guilt and to humor me, but I don't really think many others do. I got the nicest comment of encouragement from my friend Katy today. You should check out her blog, which I have a link to on the right. Her blog is really fun to read - I totally enjoy it.

I have not worked on my book yet today, so I can't post today's work count yet, and since I'm less than an hour from midnight, the count's not going to be very good tonight. Before I sign off of here, though, I wanted to say that my roommates and I watched the first Harry Potter tonight, and everyone looked so cute!! They were so young and adorable. I'll be excited next summer to see number 6 (that's the one we're on, right?).

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Kate said...

That was very sweet of you to mention me in your blog. It is always nice to know that people are reading them, and that you aren't writing in vain. i am glad I could encourage you! That makes me SO happy! Also that I read your comments about me on my birthday! What a great way to start my day! THANKS!!