Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Twilight

Some nights it gets a little difficult for me to know what to blog about. Tonight, there is no question. Once again it's all about Twilight, but this time it's about the movie. Before I even give you my review, I have to tell you that I got to go to it with Lu, so that already should indicate a good evening to you (I wish I had taken my camera so I could have documented our evening). Lu was such a saint, too. When she came to pick me up I admitted to her that I was currently having a panic attack, and she offered to put off the movie viewing for another time. I didn't want to flake out, so I said that I still wanted to try to do it - not only that, but I probably would have had the same problem whenever we went to see it. It was really nice to know that she was willing to be flexible if I couldn't make it through. Anyway, we got there, and the previews were awful!! The only good one was for the next Harry Potter, and that one does look awesome, but the rest looked filthy. That definitely did not help my nerves. However, finally there appeared on the screen a scene of greenery and a girl named Bella, and things started to feel alright.

Now, I've heard several reviews of the movie. I've mostly noticed on Facebook that people think it's okay. One of my students said he liked it because of the action. Another student told me he heard it was awful. A sibling told me she didn't like the characterization so much. I have long been expecting a mediocre, not-true-to-the-book movie, and that's the feel that I have gotten from what others have said, only they have led me to believe it might be a little more disappointing. Maybe that's the best was to go to the movie - not expecting a lot. AND just going to enjoy it.

The reason I say that is because, I totally liked the movie! I thought it was great! It was pretty much like I thought it would be - only better. The trailers had shown me enough that I knew it was going to be pretty different plot-wise, so I just went and kind of enjoyed seeing how they were going to get the main points of the plot across. I think that it was very helpful to have read the book before. It helped me understand some of the character cues that I'm not sure other people would pick up on. I actually liked the characterization and think some of the characters did a good job portraying how they were feeling without having to say anything. There were only a few things that I had a problem with - one of them I think is kind of important - but I'm still okay with the movie overall. I would see it again. If you want to see it, just remember that it's not a masterpiece. It's not supposed to be. It's a teen romance, and that's okay. And I liked it. And, it was much more pure than I thought it might be, which was a huge relief.

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Lu said...

Dude. I liked it too. The more I think about it, the more impressed I am with certain parts of it. I'm with you--it's a teen romance, so don't expect Shakespeare, but do expect some insight into the characters. At least, I had some insight. (although, the insight is probably only possible if you've read the book.)