Thursday, November 13, 2008

I missed it!

Right before I left Dashboard to come in here and blog, I noticed that I have 106 posts. I like commemorating things, and somehow I missed my hundredth post. I don't even know which one it was. Sad days. I guess I'll have to wait until I get to 200 or something.

Changing the subject, do you live in an apartment? I do, and it makes for an interesting life sometimes. The neighbors that we used to have were generally pretty quiet - except for when they were having a party, which meant what sounded like a lot of drunken college students dancing to songs that have lyrics like "She moves her body like a cyclone." The most exciting night, I had fallen asleep on the couch, I think, when I was woken up by police banging on the door and yelling to announce themselves and demand that the door be opened. They proceeded to do this for what felt like a very long time, to no avail. I'm not exactly sure where the party moved to - did everyone jump out of the windows? I'm not even absolutely positive that it was my neighbors, but I'm pretty sure. What I do know is that it stayed quiet the rest of the night.

Now we have neighbors who don't throw wild parties, or at least I haven't noticed them. However, they do seem to be morning people. While my roommates and I are struggling to keep our eyes open to read scriptures in the morning, they're chatting and laughing, and they continue that all the way to their car/cars, I presume, because we can hear them as they leave their place and pass ours. Houses are nice and quieter, but it's kind of fun having neighbors sometimes, too (or obnoxious, but that's okay - I should remind myself that I'm somebody's neighbor, as well).

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