Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fiddler on the Roof

Today, my dad pointed out that I've been blogging a lot lately. In case any of you have forgotten, there is a reason for this. I joined Nablopomo, which means I committed to write daily for one month. Don't worry; it won't last forever. After the end of this month, I will stop posting so often. If some of you are getting a little tired of all the posts, just remember, you don't have to read all of them - I'll never know.

This evening, my roommate and I (my bro was there for part of it, too), watched most of Fiddler on the Roof. I have really been wanting to watch one specific scene. We kind of decided to watch the songs we like, but I actually like almost all of the songs, and my roommate wanted to watch the only one that I was okay with skipping. Hence, we pretty much watched the movie. It's so good. During the 2nd daughter's song I started to cry. The scene that I have been wanting to watch, though, is the one that really gets the tears flowing. It's the third daughter's song, and I tell you what, tonight was no exception. The bad thing about crying tonight is that I had makeup on. Well, once I start to tear up a little, I think makeup starts getting into my eyes, which aggravates them, which means I have a hard time watching the scene because my eyes are in pain and don't want to stay open. Oh well. It was still great - and sad. I just feel so bad for Tevia, who bends and bends until he just doesn't feel he can anymore, and I don't blame him. I also love his relationship with God, which we didn't actually watch much of tonight, since that's dialogue. I've actually had his "on the other hand" monologue go through my mind as I've thought about different societal issues and how to deal with them, and I have had his "No! There is no other hand!" decision come to me. I love good movies or books that have wonderful messages in them and that help articulate how I feel sometimes!

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