Sunday, November 9, 2008


My roommates and I really like squash - I like spaghetti, banana, butternut, and probably more. One of my roommates and I talked about how we didn't grow up eating it. We were curious about why, as it is such an "exemplary vegetable" (name the quote). Roommate talked to her mom, and we found out why she didn't eat it; her mom despises it. Roommate even gave me the phone so her mom could tell me herself about her abhorrence of the food. I finally asked my parents tonight about why we didn't eat it, and there really isn't a reason. I thought that perhaps they don't like it, but it turns out they do. They said that when we lived in Utah we used to eat more of it. They just didn't buy it much after we moved, which is when I was still quite young. I'm kind of surprised it isn't a super popular food to eat; it's so easy to prepare. You just cut it in half and stick it in the oven for around an hour, then you put butter and salt & pepper or brown sugar on it and . . . Voila! Yumminess!

Regardless of the reasons we didn't grow up eating it, I'm glad that my roommates and I have discovered it's deliciousness. We just had some for dinner tonight. We invited some boys to come eat with us, and though they were not very familiar with it, they seemed to enjoy it. So, squash, beware!


Christensen Family said...

I love squash! It's funny because we made some up just the other night. Trent likes too. I think we will be eatting more of it. I just found out that your blog address ends with jamila not jamela. No wonder blogger wouldn't work! I have yet to figure out exactly how blogging works.

Lu said...

Squash is AWESOME! I just remembered how much I liked it too! Did you know you can cook it in the microwave? Yep. I just chopped my butternut squash into quarters and put it on a plate and cooked it till it was squishy. MMmm. Tasty AND healthy.