Monday, November 24, 2008

A Few Thoughts

At F.H.E. tonight we wrote stories for the activity. It was one of those random story-writing games, where you write a line or a sentence or two, then you pass the paper to someone else. They add their part and fold the paper so that the next person can't see what you wrote. The paper keeps getting passed along until you fill the page or feel like stopping. I really like that type of game. It was fun listening to everyone read the stories at the end. There was one that almost had me crying, it was so funny.

I still feel very upset about failing Nanowrimo, but I talked to my students about it today, and I hope they will push me until I finish.

I am trying to make yams for the first time.

I miss my baby sister. It never feels like she's here much anyway, and even when she is, she's usually doing homework or talking to a friend or boyfriend, but it's still not the same having her here. At least I get to see her later this week.

My prego sister and my youngest brother are going to my school's Thanksgiving meal tomorrow - yea!

I'm going to Twilight with Lu tomorrow night - what could be better?

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