Monday, December 1, 2008

I Win!!

I know that today is the day after NaBloPoMo ended for me, but I just had to write to tell you all that it paid off. When I checked my e-mail this afternoon there was this message telling me that I won a prize - wahoo! It appears to me that many random people donate prizes to people who complete NaBloPoMo. Then the girl-in-charge has a computer spit out random registered bloggers. Then she verifies that you did it and hooks you up with a prize - pretty sweet, eh? I thought that the prizes went to people who wrote amazing posts all month, so I didn't think I would win anything. Fortunately, it's much simpler than I thought. Anyway, I won scented oil and a thing to heat it in. When I looked at all the prizes that are being given away, it made me want to contribute next year. The prizes are all very random - from a free tarot card reading, to sock zombies, to home-made preserves, etc. I'll have to figure out what I can give.

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