Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Sad Day

Do you remember how they have titles every so often on the movie Babe? If you do, the title is supposed to read like the "A Tragic Day" chapter. Friday night, one of my bestest friends and her husband, Lu and The Colonel (although she calls him The Rock, so I guess that's what I will call him for the rest of the post), had a going away/graduation party at my place. The Rock just graduated, and he and Lu are moving to a tiny town (population: less than 2,000) where he will work at a mine. I am happy for them and their new adventure, but I am definitely sad to see such a great friend go. I know you've heard about these two many times before, but allow me to reminisce for a moment:

Out of the two, I met The Rock first - I believe it was at the Student Union when a group got together to watch a Phoenix Suns game. I was very new to the area. He was really nice. He came to my little gatherings at my place occasionally. I heard about Lu, but I didn't meet her until later in the summer. We really became friends, I think, after she asked me if I was interested in finding a place to live with her. After my last day of work, and after she took the bar, we spent a week of being homeless and driving up and down streets looking for a house. We also looked for roommates. Fortunately, we found both. We moved in, we shared a room, we were perfect together in my opinion. We are about the same age and like to think and talk about a lot of the same things. There are many things I like about Lu. Here are a few of them:

She is not big on P.D.A.

She is intelligent and likes to talk about politics, women, etc.

She loves to read - and she reads great books!!

She listens - I think we shared conversation really well.

She found a black couch and put it in our room.

She tells it like it is.

She's fun.

She's into good music.

And, even though intelligent, she can still enjoy silly things with me, like Twilight, which makes those silly things even better.

Anyway, I love Lu. She has been such a great part of my recent life, and I will really miss her. I definitely plan on visiting, but it won't be soon enough. I'm hoping she finds me a rich, mining man who will marry me, and we can be neighbors. :)

Good luck you two!!

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