Thursday, November 17, 2011

MIT and Artichokes

Today I found another song by the MIT Logarhythms that I REALLY like and would love to share, but it's not appropriate. The soloist has such a good voice, though. And he's cute, which never hurts. It looks to me like there are several acapella groups covering pop, and I kind of like it.

And now for something totally unrelated to the first paragraph - I think I cooked artichoke hearts for the first time tonight. I mean, I know I cooked them; I just don't think I have ever done so before - unless I ever helped my roommate. I made this chicken dish that involved diced tomatoes and artichoke hearts. One of my roommates really likes fresh artichokes. Occasionally she cooks them and then dips them in butter - that's her preferred way to eat them. I just bought canned. Artichokes aren't my favorite flavor, but I think it was a kind of yummy dish.

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