Monday, November 14, 2011


Isn't it so funny and ridiculous how scared we can be of arachnids? Tonight my roommate was going to take a bunch of fruit out to the compost, when something caught her eye upon opening our sliding glass door. Down in the crack below where the door normally rests, was a spider. He wasn't HUGE, but he wasn't a small guy, either. We just kind of stared at him. Fortunately, I remembered seeing some raid at our house. I went and found it. My roommate got a shoe and paper towel. The furniture nearby was moved out of the way in case he decided to come inside instead of obliging us and going outside.

I began to spray, and he began to move. HE CAME INSIDE! But, pobrecito!, he didn't come in very far because the poison got him, either by virtue of the poison or by drowning in it. Then we had to figure out how to remove the body, which really grosses me out. My roommate decided that if she had the dust pan that she would be okay with scooping him into it and then flicking him out into the backyard, which is what she did. I feel kind of bad, but I once a spider like that is discovered, it's too creepy to not do something about it.

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