Monday, November 7, 2011


Uggh. Something positive . . . hmmm . . . ok. You may very well already know how I feel about t.v. I'm not really in to it. However, I have started watching Once Upon a Time on Hulu. I saw the ads for the show all over Facebook; I even think I saw some billboards for it. I really like fairy tales, so that's what drew me to it. I watched the first episode by myself. Then I watched the first and second with my roommate, who is apparently sucked in, too, because tonight she wanted to watch the third one, which we did. It's written by the same people who wrote Lost, I believe. Fortunately, I never got sucked into that. I'm hoping this show isn't as long or as full of unanswered questions as I feel like I've heard Lost was.

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