Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feeding the Javelina

Have I ever blogged about feeding the javelina? My school husband dumps old food out behind our school "for the javelina," and I do it now, too. Even several students know what it means if one of us tells them to "go feed the javelina." There's a barrel cactus back there that I usually dump old food or fruit peels by. Have I ever seen a javelina at school? Yes. I can't recall if I saw one or a few, but there was a morning where I saw at least one. There's scat back there, I think, although I don't know who's it is. There are a number of different animals that probably enjoy our scraps.

I brought three birthday cakes to school yesterday, but I didn't frost them, so I put them in the bottom of this cabinet in the office; I planned on bringing frosting today. But then, yesterday afternoon, the pest control guy came. I don't think they normally spray inside, but yesterday he did, and though I'm certain the cakes were okay, I got scared, so today a couple of students went and dumped the cakes. We decided if we see dead javelina back there tomorrow, we will know the cakes were poisoned - that or javelina can't take chocolate cakes.

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