Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Have that Dan in Real Life Quote Going Through My Head

This evening I met up with the ex-boy because I wanted to talk to him about some things. Trust me that it was kind of legit - regardless of any masochistic tendencies on my part, there were some okay reasons for this, I believe. However, when I met back up with my roommate and she put her arm around me and asked me how I was doing, I had to respond, "I still have a lot of feelings for him."

"I believe it," she replied.

It's kind of frustrating because I think it would be nice to be able to be friends with him again and to not have to weigh the consequences - "Am I willing to go through how I'll feel the next couple of days after seeing him? How soon will I be able to convince myself that the hope is a lie?"

Tonight went pretty well, though. It was pleasant. I gained a little insight for myself that I wasn't expecting that made me understand a little more about why we ended, and I think I will appreciate knowing those things.

However, how hard to sit there feeling love for someone and knowing that they don't have that kind of love to return to you.

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Dana said...

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie... I was wondering about you last night. Abbie told us you had an appointment and then I saw you walk in with the boy. I was a little worried. I hope all is well, and I hope you will be able to do what is best for YOU.