Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Nablopomo

We're back in Nablopomo right now, meaning I will be trying to post each day this month. I also want to attempt Nanowrimo, which I have tried in the past, if you recall, but I have never been successful. If you don't know what it is, Nanowrimo is where you write a novel in a month. There are rules about how long it has to be - I don't recall the number of words, but I feel like it takes a good amount of dedication and time to be able to crank it out. I could work on one of a couple of unfinished stories, but I think I'm going to try something new. The thing is, I only came up with a topic today, and I don't really know how to start or what to write - I just have a very basic concept. Mostly, I know what I want it to deal with and how I want it to feel. I'm not very good at seeing projects to the end. I have been through (or almost gone through) a few really important life events that I have or believe I would have seen through. But less-important-to-life projects - I'm not so good at that. I hope you're better at finishing things than I am.

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Empress Avlis said...

You can do it!! The beauty of it is that all you really need to do is beat last year's score, and you're set!