Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoughts On Earlier

Allow me to add a thought to what I wrote earlier. I just talked to my roommate about people asking us single people why we're not married, and I think this is why it's kind of a weird question or why I'm not sure how to respond - Because of my faith, I believe that marriage is important - necessary, even. Therefore, when people of my faith ask me about why I am single, maybe I feel like they should already know the answer. If they believe that I believe in my religion, they should know that I'm not single by choice and that it just obviously hasn't happened for me yet. Maybe that's exactly why they ask, though - because they don't understand why things don't seem to be going according to the ideal plan. We forget that we're not all on the same time-table and that God allows us to be mortal and to feel our way semi-blindly and stumble so that we can learn and become more than we would be if our lives were totally taken care of for us and if everything was ideal.

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Icanfinallydoit said...

good thoughts about the time table is different for everyone and that we learn through the experiences we have